9 Functional Strength Exercises To Make You Ripped And Strong

Get everyday strength with these workouts

7. Squats

Love it or hate it, you can’t deny its effectiveness. Squats build lower body and core strength. You can do them with a barbell loaded with heavy ass weight on your back or do them with your own bodyweight.

8. Power Sled

Sled work is another energy draining and strength building exercise that’s very underrated. To be perfectly honest here, it requires some serious empty space to properly work and that’s hard to come by in a standard gym. However, if you find it in your gym, unload on that sucker. It’s basically a demon version of the mountain climber exercise.

You can load the sled with as much weight as you want and either push it forwards or put a harness on yourself and pull it backward. Either way, it will require shoulder strength, stamina, explosiveness and leg power.

How is that functional? Ever had to push your car when it stopped working or had to run towards the bus when it’s just pulling into your stop? There. Two everyday situations that require stamina, speed, and whole body strength.

9. Box Jumps

Explosiveness, lots and lots of explosiveness. That’s what this is, and the higher the box the bigger the jump will be and so will your overall fitness. Mastering a high box jump means you have athleticism and that you are a badass. It will also burn a whole lot of calories and build your physique.

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