9 Functional Strength Exercises To Make You Ripped And Strong

Get everyday strength with these workouts

Being a bodybuilder is awesome until you have to scratch your back or tie your shoes, then it becomes a little less awesome. Neither are the constant muscle tears, vertebras fusing together and the constant threat of 400lbs crashing down on your neck.

So, for variety’s sake, let’s look at some exercises that won’t just make you super strong, but make that will also make you functionally strong

9 Functional Strength Exercises

Let’s start this off with the definition of “functional strength”, which according to Google is the following: “…the strength that gets us through life and daily survival. Lifting a heavy load overhead is a fantastic measure for Hercules or the competitive weightlifter but the history of manual labor has consisted of something very different.”

1. Chin-up

Chin-up and its exercise sibling, the pull-up, is one of the basics when it comes to functional strength. it builds upper body strength and works the entire upper body.

If you are stuck in a typical action movie situation where you are hanging from a ledge of a fairly tall building, you’ll need some pulling strength in order to survive, which this builds.

2. Kettlebell Swings

Doing anything with kettlebells is great for everyday strength because it doesn’t have a conventionally proportioned weight like a dumbbell or a barbell, making every exercise you do with it very awkward.

With swings, you build your shoulders, lower back, hamstrings, grip strength and more importantly, your conditioning.

What’s even better, it isn’t all that time consuming. Doing 2 sets of 20 reps takes you 10 minutes to perform and will give you a great quick workout.

3. Turkish Getup

Turkish getups require you to take a kettlebell and raise it to a standing, overhead position from a lying position with nothing but your body’s own strength.

It doesn’t look all that difficult, but it requires balance, concentration, precise technique and above all — strength. If you think this isn’t impressive, try doing it with a light weight and you will quickly see it’s a lot harder than it might look at first.

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