The 7 Best Supplements For Men

Take these for long lasting health and sweet gains


Gotta take something for digestion too, right? You don’t wanna end up like Elvis Presley, being killed by constipation while barely getting into your 40s. Probiotics are essentially a bunch of “good” bacteria that helps your body take out the trash through the back door more easily. Having a healthy dose of “good” bacteria will save you from getting all sorts of digestion-related diseases and problems.


BCAA stands for “branched chained amino acids”. They are what your muscles take from protein powder as growing fuel. Adding them into your diet is as crucial as it is adding protein powder. They build your muscles and help you recover from a workout.

If you did a late night session and you got job obligations in the morning, taking quality BCAAs could be the difference between rolling out of the bed onto the floor and begging for mercy, and jumping out of the bed all happy and chirpy as soon as the sun’s rays hit you.


Glutamine is an amino acid, but it’s often sold separately as its own product because of its benefits. We covered what BCAAs are what they are good for, so no use going back to that. However, glutamine on its own can promote gut and brain health along with repairing muscles after a good workout. It’s also a great tool in fighting cancer and high blood sugar.

If you are thinking that you’ll get your dosage from BCAAs and that this is a waste of your time, that’s fine. Your choice, but then at least try implementing some glutamine-rich foods like eggs or spinach.

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