10 Tips To Avoid Shoulder Injuries And Train Forever

Do you deal with shoulder pain?

Strengthen Your Rotator Cuffs

Strengthening your rotator cuffs and getting some scapula mobility are two things you should focus on if you want healthier shoulders.

Your upper back and external rotators should be your primary focus, with form and fluidity being the main concern. For the vast majority of people who read this, your shoulders will likely be rounded and caved forward, due to the nature of a desk job.

Overhead Pressing

A few exercises you should incorporate into your current routine could be:

  • Lying dumbbell side raises
  • Face pulls
  • Incline lateral raises
  • Dumbbell external rotators

You could also use bands for these exercises so you can do these at home or on a rest day.

Wrapping It Up

Your posture and your exercise choices will influence how healthy your shoulders are. If you have poor posture from sitting at a desk all day, without stretching and performing preventative maintenance, you will eventually run into shoulder issues.

This article is written by someone who has personally dealt with shoulder issues in the past and these tips will help.

Hey Jeremy, great plan. I’ve had shoulder pain for about a year before I started this plan. With this plan the pain is less severe each week and now it’s almost gone, so thanks!

Take the time to take care of your shoulders and you will be able to train for years without any issues. Remember, lifting is for the long haul, don’t ruin your shoulders just because you want to bench 315 faster.

Fit Chick Shoulder

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