How to Reduce Face Fat Naturally

It’s pretty simple.


We get asked about how to reduce a fat face a surprising amount. And whilst it is possible to reduce face fat, you probably need to look at other areas of fat loss too.

Due to the way your body works, it’s pretty difficult to just lose fat from around your face. Loads of websites talk about natural remedies, creams and even exercise machines to help ‘build face muscle and lose face fat’, but these are generally ineffective and normally pretty expensive.

If you’re absolutely committed to cutting down some chubby cheeks or maybe rid yourself of a double chin, you need to be thinking about the bigger picture.


What goes into your face.

Generally, if you want to lose fat from any part of your body (face included) you need to be looking at your diet and ensuring that your body is using up stored fat as fuel.

Making your body choose to use face fat as energy is near enough impossible.

When you burn fat your body will generally choose the quickest reserve of it to use as energy and pull it from different parts of the body. Face included.

The term for reducing fat from one particular point in the body is ‘Spot Reduction‘.

Is Spot Reduction of the Face Possible?

We have to once again be fairly general here as there are limited studies on ‘facial spot reduction’.

But, in terms of overall spot reduction, studies have been carried out and have had mixed results. One study found that it is possible to train one area and experience an increase in adipose tissue blood flow, which is thought to be what burns fat.

This was due to an increased blood flow and muscle temperature in that particular area.

What you need to take into account is that the area studied here was the legs, and your leg muscles are far bigger than your face muscles. Unless there is something really wrong and you have a LegFace.

Other studies though, didn’t really show any notable or conclusive findings. Making it highly unlikely that face exercises will work to reduce your face fat. Given that it’s not possible with bigger muscles either.

Quickest Way to Reduce Face Fat

Now, we know that spot reduction or targeted fat loss of your face isn’t really going to work.

(Sorry if we’ve crushed any dreams for chiseled cheek bones and a Jonny Bravo jawline)

But there are some pretty simple things you can be doing to ensure your face slims up as much as possible, and how effective it is is all down to how hard you are willing to work. And how much gum you are willing to chew. Sort of.

#1 Focus on Calories


If you’re battling with stored fat on any part of your body you need to address the fact that you’re probably storing fat elsewhere too.

To tap into fat reserves, you need to ensure you are eating as clean and healthy as possible and as per the law of thermodynamics, burning off more calories than you are taking on.

This is the golden rule for fat loss, from any part of you. Face included.

It’s hard, and people always try and shortcut their way around this one. But it works.

#2 Chew More

You’ll see this all over the place as one of the best ways to reduce face fat. And whilst it can provide some benefit, it’s not so much the action of chewing we want to focus on.

Yes this can help tone up muscles, but if you start to chew your food more as you eat, you’ll consume less calories. Helping with weight loss. So in a sense, this is related to our #1 point.

If you want to exhaust your jaw, then chew some sugar free gum too. This will help strengthen muscles but won’t make much of a difference to your face fat.

#3 Natural Supplements for Facial Fat Loss

Fat Burner Without Side Effects


We’re not going to be recommending some magic cream here. Sorry but these spot reduction creams/products are useless.

Instead we’d recommend taking a look at a natural fat burner.

These supplements use herbs, minerals and other natural ingredients to boost your metabolism and start to burn away unwanted fat.

So, you’re going to wind up with a shredded and slim figure, as well as a toned up and powerful face.

How to Reduce Face Fat Naturally Conclusion

We’re sorry if you wanted to come here and learn how to burn away face fat in a week. It’s not possible. So don’t believe that any miracle creams or weird sex toy like contraptions are going to help either.

What will work though, is cleaning up your diet and getting more active. The secret to fat loss, from every part of your body is burning calories. Face included.

If you really want to speed the process up then invest in a tried and tested fat burner. Which will help you comfortably maintain a calorie deficit and jack up your daily calorie burn.

#1 Fat Burner to Tone Down EVERYWHERE

Instant Knockout

Instant Knockout can help you tone up and slim down any part of your body that carries a little bit of extra wiggle.

  • Torch your unwanted fat and reveal a sexy jawline
  • Reduce your appetite, eat less through the day
  • Increase your metabolism, even if you’re not working out

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