8 Ways to Tell How Fit You Really Are


We’ve all had a period of time in our lives where we were deemed “fit.” For some of us, that period of time is now, for others it’s nonexistent. I’d be lying if I told you that I don’t lose my breath after walking up a fleet of stairs, but you best believe that I’ma smash a two-hour weight training session when jacked up on an unhealthy amount of pre. Could that be the reason why I’m so out of breath all the time? Worth it.


For those of you who don’t know, having a six-pack and chiseled pecs do not qualify you as being fit or in shape. You can still have a little belly and still be more healthy than the shredded dude at your gym. Why? Odds are that the shredded dude is coked up on tren and his dealer’s home brewed special mix.

Looking fit and actually being are two very different things. However, you might be fit in terms of walking or weight training, but unfit when it comes to running or cycling.

Let’s have a look at several ways to determine whether you’re fit or not.

1. You ace the two-mile run


Used as a military fitness test, the two-mile run is long enough to test your endurance but short enough for you to really be able to push yourself. Don’t fret if you have difficulty finishing the run — just up your training and you’ll get it in no time.

2. You work out intensely for at least two hours a week


This actually varies a bit. You could work out intensely by cycling or by weight training, and if you do that for at least two hours a week, then, by definition, you’re kind of in the fit range. However, you can up your game and fitness if you aim to train for 45 minutes a day for five days.

3. Holding a 60-second plank ain’t sh*t


I remember back in high school when my class had to undergo a fitness test, and performing planks were on the list. I can’t exactly remember how long I was able to hold mine for, but I do remember doing them for the first time, and that I was shaking like a pneumatic drill.

Having a “good” plank means that your abs and lower back are on point. If you’re anything like high school me, then maybe you should consider doing more hyperextensions, deadlifts, and core strengthening exercises.


4.You own 30 consecutive push-ups


Push-ups are a rather good strength endurance test. It tests the strength of your upper body, core, quads, shoulders, and even lower back. Think of it as a plank, but only more muscles are being set on fire. Being able to do 30 consecutive push-ups will show your peers that you’ve got something going on.

5. Lunges ain’t nothin but a peanut


Yes, lunges. The lunge requires good core and leg strength, and a decent amount of balance. If you’re losing balance or your legs start shaking while lunging, then that should be enough of an indication of what you should work on; leg and core strength.

6. You have amazing sleep at night


Your sleep duration is actually a great indicator of your level of fitness. The longer you’re able to sleep, the more fit you are. And no, being knocked out from alcohol consumption does not qualify you as fit.

7. Your BMI is on point


Alright, let me get this out of the way real quick: if you’re 5’8″ and weigh 180 pounds but your body fat is between 10-12%, then your BMI would come out as “overweight.” However, if your body fat is higher than 16%, then maybe the BMI reading wouldn’t be so wrong.

8.Touching your toes without breaking a sweat

Overkill much?
Overkill much?

I know, this sounds pretty silly, but in fact, it isn’t. See, if you’re unable to touch your toes it can be either of two things: one; you live a sedentary lifestyle. Two; you don’t stretch often, causing your muscles to tighten up. If you’re having difficulty touching your toes then it’s time you began stretching and moving around more.

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