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How Do You Eliminate Your Man Boobs?



Let’s be honest, it’s annoying to have man boobs. They aren’t only disturbing to look at when you see yourself in a mirror, but also make you seem weak and unhealthy. Moreover, no one likes to hear jokes about their weak chest, so it’s better to get rid of man-boobs as soon you can.

So, if you need to fix your chest or know friends who may have this problem, there are a few practical tips that help to develop bulging, strong pectorals. Don’t worry, these changes are easy to implement and soon give visible results; this means that all you need to do is to start using them.

1. Fix Your Diet


If you’ve been eating junk food for a long time, there’s a huge chance that you have man boobs, because your body doesn’t get what it needs. And it needs many things; vitamins, minerals, and healthy sources of calories.

Without them, the body becomes weaker and less healthy, so even if cheat meals have some benefits, it doesn’t mean that you should have cheat weeks. Start fixing your diet by making small changes that would help you to develop your willpower to resist junk products. In the beginning, it may seem hard, but if you continue eating healthy, it’ll become much easier in the future.


After eating healthy food for a longer time, you’ll see how chest fat melts away (and around areas, too) and the chest muscles appear bigger and more visible. Also, if you decrease the number of calories you eat, body fat will burn from all areas of the body, so you’ll look leaner and more muscular.

Another important thing to remember is to avoid short-term diets. We don’t say that all short-term diets are bad, but if you want to get rid of man boobs forever as well as look fit, you need to have a long-term healthy nutritional plan.


2. Fix Your Chest Training


While this problem is mostly among folks who don’t train or just eat more than they should, some advanced lifters also have man boobs, either due to not eating consistently or who are just doing a bulk. For instance, if you do a full body workout, your chest may get too little work, so man boobs may not leave you.

The best remedy for it is to train the chest harder by adding more sets, reps, weights, and new exercises. Also, it’s beneficial to have one day per week when you concentrate entirely on the chest.


Furthermore, man boobs may not leave you because you don’t have exercises that train the chest from all angles. So, even if you fix your chest by doing a few different exercises, it may not be enough to grow a big and muscular chest because you don’t train it from all sides.

That is the primary reason why advanced bodybuilders do flat bench presses, incline barbell presses, decline barbell presses, and many other chest exercises. Also, your chest training should have enough intensity that is needed to trigger muscle growth and fat burning.

See the video about how to get rid of man-boobs below:

If you follow these primitive but effective rules for a longer time, you’ll see how man-boobs disappear and a big and muscular chest start to grow.

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