How to Perfect Your Squat Depth

Is it all pain or all gain?

How Can I Squat Deeper Without Injury?

Nothing can be more frightening to an athlete than injuring yourself while working out. Despite all the horror stories about blowing out your knees while attempting to deadlift, a good, deep squat is very healthy for your knees and also recruits the hamstrings and glutes better than a partial range squat.

The problem is, most people lack the mobility and flexibility necessary to sink a squat a few inches below parallel without rounding their lower back. Our suggestion would be to squat as low as you can while maintaining proper technique and posture.

Two tips that can help you get a little deeper are to actively pull yourself into the hole with your hip flexors instead of just letting gravity do its job. Second, remember that squatting takes place between the knees and not over them. We’d also suggest adding in some assistance exercises to get that deep knee bend and full squat position.

This could be any of the following:

    • Single leg squats
    • Pistol squats
    • Goblet squats
    • Kettlebell front squats
    • Weight vest squats

Implementing these tips will allow you to squat at the depth that is effective and safe for you. If you don’t believe there are any limitations to squatting ass-to-ankles check out this video below to see what it looks like to lift with your ego.

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