Your Guide to The Manliest Exercises Ever

You will get strong and look badass doing it

Sledgehammer Swings

To do this exercise, you’re going to need a quick run to the hardware store and get yourself a big ass sledgehammer and a tractor tire. This exercise is great for building up your explosive power and quickness. It’s also very taxing on your body, so don’t worry about your biceps not getting a workout.

You’ll feel the burn in your arms and across your entire body, all while improving your cardio. Why is it manly, you ask? Well, because you are literally beating on something with a sledgehammer. No one messes with the guy that starts his workout by grabbing a sledgehammer.

Tire Flips

Since you already got a tractor tire for the previous workout, let’s mention another one that involves a tire. This is another one of those unconventional exercises that are very beneficial in getting stronger and working multiple muscle groups at once.

Strongmen do this exercise all the time and so do MMA fighters, NFL players and pretty much every other professional athlete in the world. Even the guys that starred in 300 used tire flips as a part of their exercises and they were ripped as hell! I think that at this point I don’t have to tell you why this is a manly exercise.

Atlas Stone Lifts

When the strongest men on the planet do this exercise on a regular basis then it can sure as hell be qualified as being manly. Such is the case with a Strongmen classic, the Atlas Stone lift. It’s a very hard exercise to pull off because you don’t have a handle or anywhere to place your grip — you have to hug the stone with your entire body.

To perform an Atlas Stone lift without hurting yourself, you have to put an emphasis on technique and use your entire body, not just your arms. If you do it correctly you’ll get stronger arms, legs, back, and shoulders; basically your entire body. Let’s see our manliness checklist on this one: it gets you stronger — check. You look badass doing it — check. Yep, the jury has spoken and this one is also, 100% testosterone fuel — manly.

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