The 4 Benefits of Casein: Why You Should Be Using It

It’s a great protein and here’s why

1. Stays In Your System for Longer

This is a benefit because it means your body gets fed nutrients over a longer period of time. It’s like a post-operation IV drip, that over a period of hours slowly releases all the beneficial and essential vitamins and minerals. Same goes for casein, it releases the amino acids into your blood stream at a more steady pace over a longer period.

2. Helps You Lose Fat

Since it stays in your system over a longer period, it makes you feel full and suppresses your appetite. It also helps promote fat loss. Fat loss is induced by the fact that protein is a thermogenic nutrient. And the fact that casein takes a while to digest means that more calories are being used to digest it.

3. Helps You Grow Muscle

Going back to point one, since it releases the amino acids into your bloodstream at a slower pace over a longer period of time, it feeds your muscles longer and makes them grow. Because of the slow-release mechanism of casein, your muscles are constantly being fed with branched chain amino acids, thus resulting in more lean muscle gains.

4. Strengthens Your Bones and Teeth

Yep, casein can even help you with that! There have been studies that show consuming casein can help boost teeth enamel, which in return helps in reducing acid erosion. Staying away from soft drinks may also prove to be beneficial, but combining that with casein will allow you have pearly whites that could bite clean through a bar of steel.

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