Superset Your Way To Boulder Shoulder Success!

No man is complete without a respectable pair of deltoids.


To save your shoulders from further shame, SpotMeBro has constructed a program to pump some gains into your T-shirt size. The goal of this program is to make you too wide for doors; the looks you will get from the opposite sex will be worth having to walk through doors sideways.


Warm Up:

Jump on a cardio machine and peddle away until you sweat. It should take about 10 minutes, and do wonders for the health of your joints. If you have any mobility issues with your shoulders, do your mobility work after the cardio. Everything is easier once your core temperature has risen and your joints are warm.

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After you are warm and loose, you can start lifting. Be smart about your lifting warm-up, and don’t hit any heavy weights until your target muscle group is fully primed from your warm-up sets.

Superset One: Military Press w/ Dumbbell Shrug 4×4

The first superset of the workout contains the heavy hitters; load up the weight and hit some heavy sets of four. Use the heaviest weight you can without your form deteriorating. For the military press, keep your torso vertical and resist the temptation to lean back and turn it into a standing incline press.

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Explode the bar off your shoulders and jam it upwards; make sure your lifts are powerful, as the more force you use to move the bar, the more muscle fibers you recruit. With the dumbbell shrug, shrug the weight backward, as if you are trying to fold your traps together. Rolling your shoulders when shrugging, or shrugging your shoulders to your ears are not ideal because of the stress they put on your shoulders.


Superset Two: Arnold Press w/ Cable Face Pull 4×8

After waking up your central nervous system with the heavy sets of four, it is time to start focusing on specific muscles within the shoulder girdle. The Arnold press is a great exercise because it includes a twisting motion that allows the movement to hit more than just the front delt. Four moderately heavy sets of eight should do some serious damage to your front and side delts.


The face pull is fantastic because it keeps your shoulders healthy by strengthening your low traps and rear delts. If possible, use the rope attachment on a cable machine as this gives the largest range of movement. Focus on the stretch and on the contraction; try and hold the top portion of the rep for two seconds. Remember that these exercises should be used to train the target muscles and not break new PR’s. Your concern is growth.

Superset Three: Cable Lateral Raise w/ Rear Delt Fly 3×12

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This is pure pump work; strengthening your mind-muscle connection should be the goal of this superset (along with a crazy pump). The better you develop your mind-muscle connection through isolation work, the more muscles and therefore muscle fibers you are able to recruit when you are doing a compound lift.

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Instead of just going through the motions, you will be able to feel all your different muscles working and pinpoint any weakness you may have. The biggest return on your training investment will be from getting stronger on your compound exercises. Isolation work is like the salt on your plain chicken breast; you would still get your protein without it, but makes your life a whole lot easier.

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