The Strongest Fitness Moments [Video Compilation]

In case you need motivation


4. John Cena Squats 611 Pounds

This guy keeps setting the bar higher. If you thought John Cena is just a blown up wrestler, think again. Here he is squatting 611lbs without a spotter. This surely says something about his self-confidence. Something we would not recommend doing.

5. A 17-Year-Old Kid Bench Presses 282 Pounds

If you can take one thing of this video, let it be the focus this kid had before going into the set. Although we’re not sure what he said but he sounded very aggressive. Next time you go in for a PR on the bench press, make sure you have this attitude.

6. Eddie Hall Almost Dies Deadlifting 1102 Pounds

Eddie Hall makes it to the list again. The blacking out of such a big man should be proof enough of how hard deadlifting 1102lbs is. This is the kind of weight you usually see superheroes lifting in comic books.

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