How Social Media Has “Bent” The Bar In The Fitness Industry

Fit chicks on every newsfeed, but at what price?

It’s All Fun and Games Until…

This all just sounds like harmless daddy issues until you actually put down the phone, log out of Instagram and think. The true casualties of social media fitness amateurs are the young people. We say social media amateurs due to the fact that there are in fact reputable and qualified authorities on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. You can recognize them by the fact they’re wearing actual clothes and use multi-syllabic words. Ex: Layne Norton, Dr. Jacob Wilson, and Dr. Rhonda Patrick (she’s got the nutrition game strong).

Not too many years from now, the aforementioned young people are going to be on dialysis with most likely enlarged hearts, brutalized livers, and a metric f*ck ton of 20/20 hindsight. The message that’s being shot out of the social media cannon is the gospel of appearance.


Spurred on from the messages of those like Rich Piana, Jeff Seid (photoshopping his already “perfect” physique), and countless bodybuilders stalking the byways of the internet, these ambitious kids are shooting up anabolics like it’s going out of style. TeenagersĀ and those in their twenties (even thirties) have no business altering their endocrine system like they actually understand biochemistry. This may sound like your dad telling you to stop smoking so much weed, but hopefully, you’ll thank us later. For the record, weed gets far more bad press than it deserves.

So What Now?

We’re glad you asked. Similar to the source of the problem, the solution is almost as simple. Change who you follow. Deep down everyone knows the singular reason these Instagram models/nutritionists acquire likes is by showing as much skin to the world as possible. They don’t know a damn thing about nutrition. Chances are, they couldn’t even explain the Krebs Cycle, let alone spell Bioenergetics. It’s not our fault their dads didn’t hug them enough.

Give your support to real scientists. The ones putting in the almost thankless hours researching physiology, metabolism, and unique training modalities are those who can benefit you. Sure, they may not be wearing a sports bra and volleyball shorts, but there’s always the option of having a real girlfriend who can wear that shit for you.

Listening to those with deep set emotional issues will only get you deep set emotional issues. Instead of watching Boston Loyd slowly kill himself on a live stream, go eat some eggs and work harder.

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