How Long Do You Need to Train to See Serious Gains?

Time matters.


If you want to make the weight loss process easier, make sure to get plenty of rest and eat healthy foods like green vegetables, lean meat, nuts, and plenty of water.

By eating these products you’ll not only make sure that the amount of muscle mass you lose while cutting will be minimal but that your body will stay healthy even after experiencing body weight changes.

3. Completely Transform Your Body

If you have a highly specific goal like to build 30 pounds of lean muscle mass, then it’s even easier to calculate the amount of time you’ll need to complete it. For instance, if you’ll be capable of growing as much as two pounds every month, then it will take 15 months to grow 30 pounds.

However, you should remember that you might be able to grow a little bit less than two pounds every month. Also, you should keep in mind that you’ll not only grow muscle mass but also body fat and that it’ll take some time to lose that body fat to look lean and muscular.

Simply put, even if you do everything in the best way possible, there will still be some things that will take some additional time until everything will be as you desire it to be. If you already know what you want to accomplish, how long it’ll take, and how to achieve it, then everything you need to do is to do your best and wait for the best results.

See the video about how to build muscle mass below:

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