Need A Stronger Bench Press? Start Training Your Rear Delts

Here is how you should train your rear delts to get a stronger bench press.

3. Bent-Over Dumbbell Lateral Raise

The bent-over dumbbell lateral raise is an essential movement if you are thinking about building that stronger bench press. That isn’t the only purpose of this movement but this also gives that roundness to the shoulder muscle and this is the area where many of bodybuilders lack in. It’s also a great exercise for building a strong core as you have to stand in a position which utilizes your back stabilizer muscles.

4. Resistance Band Reverse Flyes

This is a similar movement to the above-mentioned exercise other than the part that you have to perform it using a resistance band. The difficulty can be increased by shortening the length of the resistance band which can be done by holding the resistance band in between your feet. The muscles activated will be the same but will be worked in a different way.

5. Reverse Pec-Deck Machine

The different thing about this exercise is that is performed on a machine and many of you might argue that machines are not as good as free weights. It may be true but often times it may become difficult to isolate the rear deltoids.

Almost every other exercise focuses on many muscles other than the rear deltoids whereas the reverse pec-deck fly is an isolation movement. You can also increase the resistance easily here as it is to be performed on a machine. One can also isolate one arm from the other by holding onto the machine by the other arm.

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