Planet Fitness Is The Worst Gym And Here Are Videos To Prove It

Stay away from Planet Fitness.

Planet Fitness’ approach is counterintuitive. Think about it, if you want to achieve a goal, wouldn’t you rather want to be around people who have already achieved it and are where you intend to be? Or would you rather stay with people who are at the same level as you?

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PF says there are no meatheads in the gym, so no member will ever feel intimidated or body shamed by anyone. This actually is ironic. The PF staff ask the fit and muscular guys to leave the gym because they are ‘too fit’. What is this if not body shaming or judgment?

Body shaming isn’t exclusive to fat people, a ripped guy could be body shamed as well, and Planet Fitness has figured out how to do it. So, if you’re serious about changing your lifestyle and your physique, stay away from Planet Fitness.

Planet Fitness Is The Worst Gym And Here Are Videos To Prove It

1. Kali Muscle Thrown Out Of Planet Fitness

How is this for a promotional video? PF got the celebrity fitness athlete Kali Muscle to do an advertisement for them. This ad shows a manager throwing out Kali and another ‘meathead’ for being too big for the gym.

2. Planet Fitness In News

In news for the wrong reasons. There have been many instances when something like this has happened. One Muslim woman was asked to leave the gym because she was breaking the gym dress code by wearing a head scarf.

3. A Grunt-Free Zone

PF is very serious about their rules and their employees go the extra mile to make sure everyone is following them. With this being said, PF needs to realize grunting can actually help you during your workouts. It makes your core tighter and can help while lifting heavier weights.

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