8 Ways To Naturally Boost Your Testosterone

Add a few hobbies, change what you eat and you will be oozing with testosterone

5. Surround Yourself With Hot Women

Hanging out with hot chicks is an old evolutionary trick for a quick testosterone boost. Speaking with attractive women for no more than five minutes can boost your test levels up to 14 percent.

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Men associate pretty women with doing the nasty and continuing their bloodline with offspring — it’s only logical that the body then starts boosting your test levels so that your man juice is at peak performance if things start escalating quickly.

6. No Stress

Stress can lead to weight gain, heart attacks, decreased libido, various mental problems and of course, testosterone level drop-off. Whenever you start feeling stressed out, calm the fudge down. Start breathing and deal with your problems in a controlled and calm manner. Stressing out won’t do you or your problems any better.

7. Skip Sugars

Processed foods are one of the worst modern day evils; they tickle the pleasure center in your brain, making you feel good but all they are doing is making you fat and miserable. Skip the candy bars, sugary drinks, and all that crap. It’s not doing you any good and processed sugars can seriously mess up your test levels.

8. Hunting

Now before every vegetarian, vegan, animal lover, tree hugger and PETA supporter get extremely triggered, let’s all just take a deep breath and calm down for a second. Not all hunting is good, exterminating endangered species is a douchebag move and deserves judgment, but some game animals breed like crazy in the wild and need population control.

They basically eat everything in their sight; deer are known to eat bird eggs and other smaller animals. So yeah, before you go crying for Bambi, remember that he’s a dick too.

Now back to the topic of test boosting. In 2013, an interesting study was conducted on Bolivia’s indigenous people that live in the Amazon forest. It showed that their testosterone and cortisol levels spike each time they make a successful hunting trip.

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