5 Best Muscle Building Tips from Dwayne Johnson

Muscle Building Tips from The Rock

Dwayne johnson

From a full-time wrestler at WWE to becoming a world renowned celebrity, Dwayne Johnson has vanquished everything he’s gone through. His appearance as Agent Luke Hobbs in the Fast and Furious series has earned him even more respect and fan following. But other than that, people who go to the gym have this desperate desire to become like The Rock and get massive gains.

Dwayne johnson

Well, you surely need to work your ass off to become a physique to rival that of Johnson, and achieving the charismatic confidence he has in his personality seems impossible, but here are 5 muscle building tips that the rock himself has given to his fans.

Muscle Building Tips from Dwayne Johnson

1. Target > Improvement

The first tip from The Rock is to keep moving forward, no matter how slow you go. You have to push your body beyond its limit to achieve something that many people just dream of. Never aim for maintenance, always look for improvement. Johnson says, “I always push myself hard at workouts to progress and not to maintain.”

If you’ve reaches a fitness level, instead of just maintaining it, you should improve by challenging your physical demands. If you feel your workout becoming easy, increase the weight and be cruel with your body, but don’t try to injure yourself.

target improvement

To increase your gains, you should focus on nutrition and increase the weight at the gym. Stick to four sets each of 6-12 reps and choose a weight that’ll force the failure at sixth or seventh rep. After about 4-6 weeks, you’ll be easily doing 10-12 reps with the same weight. It’s time to increase it again to reach failure at rep six or seven.

2. Listen to What Your Body Says

Training yourself hard and making your muscles scream during and after a workout is good but you shouldn’t ignore the warning signs your body gives you, or else you’ll never be able to earn those gains.

Listen to What Your Body Says

Johnson says, “When I was a youngster, I remember I used to put in a lot of weight on squat, bench press and simply ignore the pain. Nowadays, when your body is trying to speak to you, you must listen to it.”

One is failure, the other is pain. When your body is under pain, it’s telling you to stop now. It’s a clear indication that going any further will result in a severe injury.

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