Start Your Morning Like This and Never Look Back

The most surefire way to get shredded.


Remember back in 2007, one of the most badass films ever made? Next up is the infamous “300” workout. It’s fitting due to the fact most of us saw it demonstrated in this video featuring Craig Ballantyne.

Just like before, no rest.

Pull-Ups – 25 reps

Deadlifts (135lb.) – 50 reps

Push-Ups – 50 reps

Box Jumps – 50 reps

Floor Wipers – 50 reps

One Arm Kettlebell Clean/Press – 50 reps

Pull-Ups – 25 reps

Do yourself a favor and time it. There’s nothing better for performance than beating old attempts. Some savage actor completed it in 18 minutes and 11 seconds. Good luck.


Last but most definitely not least — a custom fat slaughtering routine from Spot Me Bro.

Did you think you were going to get rest? There’s no time for that in the fat burning hustle.

Deadlift (1.5 x bodyweight)

Bench Press (bodyweight)

Front Squat (.75 x bodyweight)

Clapping Push Up (bodyweight)

Ab Rollout

The rep scheme follows this pattern: 6/5/4/3/2/1 and then right back up: 1/2/3/4/5/6.

If you’re a real hard freak of nature, you can take these reps as high as you want, however, you’ve been warned. It’s no beginners circuit.


On the other hand, if you have a weakness with one or two of these lifts, slightly lower the weight and keep pushing. Bring the mental game to reach the top.

We don’t all start out subjecting ourselves to these kinds of routines; however, a surprising number of gym rats, meatheads, bros, etc… have been moving in this circuit training direction. It’s not easy, it’s no glory pump, but the results keep them coming back. Don’t stay in your comfort zone.

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