12 Tips on How to Get Stronger Almost Immediately

Follow these tips and you will be smashing pr’s in no time

5. Visualize The Reps

Get underneath that bar and visualize your entire set. Visualize yourself lifting that weight and moving it before you even do it. That way, you get mentally focused on your goal and when the time comes to actually lift the weight you’re bringing your mental A-game.

6. Train With A Gym Buddy

Finding a quality gym partner will do wonders for your gains. It will give you a mental edge knowing that he’s right up there with you in the strength department and that he could very well outlift you. It can also help having someone to hype you up and give you an extra bit of motivation to workout.

7.  Warm Up First

Warming up will save you the injuries and the layoffs. Doing some warm up sets before you do any hard lifting could be the difference between setting your new overhead PR or tearing up your shoulders trying to lift more than you can.

8. Sleep

Never underestimate a good night’s sleep on gains. You charge your phone regularly, charge your body regularly as well.

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