5 Tips to Build a Bulletproof Back

Don’t let age or injuries keep you down

Bullet-Proof Back


Before we jump into how to build a stronger back, this will not involve heavy deadlifts and barbell rows. In fact, most can be done without using a single weight.

Floor Exercises

Starting on the floor will be easiest, so let’s start there. This leg raise pattern will increase your hip mobility and if holding a weight in your hands, will increase core strength.

Next, superset the leg raises with rib grabs. The rib grab is a movement that doesn’t work off of a passive stretch; instead, you are using core muscles to achieve a larger range of motion. This will develop the strength as well as increase mobility where needed.

Rib Grab

For our finisher, let’s do some upper-body rolling. For most individuals, you will not be able to do this exercise properly until you spend some time gaining mobility in your T-spine and hips. Do not attempt this exercise unless you are mobile enough — bringing mobility issues to a motor control exercise will not help your back issues.

On All Fours Exercises

Next up, this exercise will be a combination of exercises that you will do in the all fours position. The two exercises you will be doing are called the fire hydrant and some T-spine rotations. We’ll do some core work while we are in this position, which will build some serious strength.

Slow and steady will win the race here.

Kneeling Exercises

This final exercise is the last transition from floor-based exercises to standing. Lunges are an extremely important exercise due to its ability to effectively increase mobility and increase your overall strength.

The kneeling position is great because it will help open up tight hips while allowing you to have a greater control over your balance. Once you get to this stage, your mobility issues should be addressed and you will start to strengthen your back and core.

The half kneeling halo (pictured below) is a great exercise you can do to address all of your stability and strength issues. This exercise will take some practice, but once you have it figured out, it will be your favorite exercise.

Half Kneeling Halo

Wrapping It All Up

Once you are able to do these exercises consistently and without pain, you will be able to return to doing standing exercises.

Since you will need to work on your mobility and strength consistently, a sample warm-up would look like this:

  • 1 set of 7 reps of each: leg lowers, rib grabs, upper-body rolling
  • 1 set of 7 reps of each: fire hydrants, T-spine rotations, 10-meter crawls
  • 1 set of 10 reps: half kneeling halos

Want to start trying some standing exercises? One great exercise we recommend would be single leg dumbbell deadlifts. Form is king here, and once you are able to do these consistently, your back will be bulletproof and you will be able to train injury-free.

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