Get Prison Strong With These Bodyweight Exercises

Get big and strong without a gym

5. Wall Sits

Another easy way of doing legs that are gruesome but very effective. Stand against a wall in a sitting position as if there was a chair underneath you. Now stay in that position until your legs give out underneath you.

6. Walking Lunges

Yeah, I know — more leg work. Well, you don’t want your bros to call you “twigs,” now do you? Step forward with one leg and dropping both legs down until your hind leg’s knee touches the ground. Now repeat the same thing with the other and walk around a bit like that.

7. Commando Pull-Ups

Grab a pull-up bar in with a neutral grip, so that your palms are facing each other. Then raise yourself on each side. This will work your traps, but it will require core strength to keep your body from twisting to the sides.

8.  Pull-Ups

Regular pull-ups, palms facing the bar. Play around with hand placement on the bar to attack different muscle groups.

9. Chin-Ups

Palms facing yourself, this hits the biceps. To get the best bang for your buck from chin-ups, try playing around with the 21 rep method and slowing down your reps. That way you will add extra stress on your biceps.

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