The Best Fitness Blogs You Can Find

Gains have never been so educated

Born Fitness


Born Fitness is one of the most inspiring sources in all of health and fitness.” – Huffington Post.

You may be taken aback by how well supported Adam Bornstein is by the media, celebrities, and subscribers alike. He’s simply one of the best in the field. Born Fitness is aimed at dispelling the filler and misleading content that’s crept into the fitness community, replacing it with motivating, simplified information. You may as well just see for yourself, there’s enough content to keep you busy between training sessions.

Looking to step up your game? Dive into this article and see what Born Fitness has to offer.

Nerd Fitness


If your mind conjures images of Deadpool, or Kratos the God of War when the topic of physical fitness arises, then you should bookmark Nerd Fitness. Another group of individuals who were disillusioned by modern fitness/bodybuilding bullsh*t—and rightfully so—have summoned all of Nerddom for a physical revolution. Even if you’re a regular gym rat who happens to use video games to recover from Leg Day, this unique fitness source can be a welcome break to the monotony of “normal” routines.

This start-up page will get you knee-deep in the cyber gains.

Roman Fitness Systems


No, this isn’t a literal Roman fitness program where they’ll crucify you for missing your PR’s, the host’s name is simply “Roman”. Nevertheless, It’s a great name for one of the most interesting fitness blogs yet. Using language akin to the site you’re reading now, Roman Fitness Systems will give you the no-filler straight talk that most iron addicts love and need.

Let other sites ‘stick to fitness.’ Let other sites have the same bland, boring content as anyone else. Those who aspire to mediocrity will find no place here.” – RFS

You heard the man, leave your normalcy with your sweat on the floor.

Tabata Times


Quite specifically, Crossfit. However, Tabata Times can be surprisingly useful for anyone looking to step up their cardio/cuts game. Many that don’t necessarily subscribe to kipping pull-ups and swimming right after deadlifts have seen savage results from incorporating high-intensity circuit aspects to their training. Don’t be so proud to think you can’t learn something from everything.

Do you want to stop being such a mediocre sprinter? Read this.

Tony Gentilcore


Because heavy things won’t lift themselves” –

The above statement being the proper response to anyone who questions where you’re going. Tony Gentilcore is speaking our language, which we hope is your language too, due to the fact it’s the right one. This fitness guru has been featured on countless websites such as, T-Nation, Men’s Health, and a handful more; therefore, it’s safe to say he knows a few things.

This blog, in particular, is an excellent resource for no-nonsense tactics by one who’s been around the fitness block.

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