A Gentlemen’s Guide to Picking Up Girls At The Gym

5.  Thou Shall be prepared to lead the interaction

It is a careful balance between being natural, and having a plan in mind. The ultimate goal of a gym pickup is to get the number. Tell her what you two are doing, and don’t wait for her decision-making abilities to kick in.  A guy who leads a girl everywhere and all the time prevents her from rethinking her desire to sleep with him.  Once you establish mutual attraction, get the number, set a plan, and get out.

6. Thou Shall be sociable with everybody

You are far more likely to open conversations successfully if you are observed as a generally friendly and flirtatious man. Talk to everybody, flirt with other women, do not dissuade other women from flirting with you. It will be far less difficult to start a conversation with an attractive woman if you are already in a talkative state. Women will never admit this but jealousy excites them.  No girl wants a man that no other woman wants.

7. Thou Shall not lie to yourself

“Dude I’m here to lift, not to creep on girls. That shit is nothing but a distraction.”

-Guy who doesn’t have the personality or the game to meet girls at the gym.

This excuse might hold up if you were a professional bodybuilder, actively training for competition.  Everyone goes to the gym for their own personal reasons, but the gym is not a monastery. You are not “harassing” anyone by striking up a quick conversation before or after your workout. The gym is a public arena, and a damn fine place for meeting attractive members of the opposite sex who likely share similar interests.  Don’t be a pussy.

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Do’s and Don’ts…

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  • Be the male version of our “Obnoxious Attention Whore”. Trust me, no matter how impressive your 600 lb. deadlift is to your buddies, girls don’t give a shit. Weightroom showmanship is very similar to elaborate facial hair in this regard.
  • Ask a girl for a spot.
  • Look for stuff to do in “the girl’s area of the gym.”  You better have a game plan if you want to hang around the ellipticals and not look like Buffalo Bill.
  • Stare, especially through the mirror.
  • Gel your hair.

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      • Give a sincere compliment if you notice a hot chick doing something genuinely impressive such as unassisted pull-ups or heavy squats.
      • Give her shit for not wiping down a machine. I don’t care if you’re dreaming of eating out of her ass later, that’s gym etiquette 101. Don’t be afraid to call her out for doing amateur shit at the gym, if there’s one thing hot girls hate, it’s feeling dumb.
      • Take a yoga class.  Girls fucking love yoga. Buy a $5 mat and thank your gym for holding classes because you just got laid 5 times in the last 3 weeks by some flexible ladies.
      • Not be afraid to wear skintight spandex pants, they are functional, comfortable, and make your package look great.  It is a bullshit double standard that only girls and Ronnie Coleman can wear them.


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