7 Habits That Secretly Make You Fat

They make you fat without letting you know.

4. You Consume Too Many Different Products at The Same Time

Eating lots of different foods at the same time might not really make you grow additional body fat but it can cause digestion problems because some of the consumed products might start rooting and results in lots of gas in the digestive system.

Later, this can result in flatulence, pain, and increased waist size for as long as these gasses don’t get out of the digestive system.

You can avoid it by making sure you eat no more than five to six different products at the same time. Spices and vegetables don’t count as well as fruits if you eat them only with other fruits or low-carb vegetables.

Also, you should avoid eating easily digested foods like sweets and fruits together with slowly digested foods like meat or fish as it creates lots of gas.

5. You Eat Too Fast

Eating slowly helps to feel full without eating as much as doing it as fast as you can. The reason behind this is that eating slowly gives plenty of time for the brain to receive the signal from satiety hormones that you should stop eating and avoid consuming more food than you need to stay healthy.

6. You Choose Low-Fat Products

Many low-fat foods aren’t healthy as they have lots of artificially added sugar in their makeup. Also, you can hardly find any healthy fats and other important nutrients in such foods, so they are practically empty calories.

Instead of wasting money on such foods, it’s better to buy high-quality foods that have little to no artificially added sugar and at least a few healthy fats.

7. You Drink Drinks That Contain Calories

Have you decreased your caloric intake from your foods by still having difficulties in losing weight? Then make sure to have drinks containing zero calories like water or coffee and tea without sugar.

This will help you avoid getting empty calories that almost always come from sugar from such drinks as juices, Cola, Sprite, Fanta, and similar drinks.

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