5 Low Carb Diet Myths That Need To Die

You’ve heard them, now let’s kill them

3. Carbs = Sugar

This statement is an oversimplification. Carbs do get broken down into sugars, such as glucose, fructose or galactose, but carbs themselves are not sugars. People tend to think that carbs are the same sh*t as those store bought sugars, which is entirely false.

4. You Can’t Gain Weight On A Low Carb Diet

People tend to think that as long as they don’t binge on carbs they can eat whatever the hell they want and they won’t gain weight. Food doesn’t work that way — things are a bit more complicated. Take, for example, organic peanut butter, it’s quite low in carbs and high in fat content.

If you are a peanut butter enthusiast who devours it by the jar, you will gain weight even though it doesn’t have many carbs. Same thing if you like munching on walnuts. 100 grams of walnuts contains only 16 grams of carbs but it’s filled with fats and calories. Don’t kid yourself thinking that just because you’re going low carb that you won’t get fat.

5. Low Carb Diet’s Will Affect Your Physical Performance

Athletes tend to eat a lot of carbs as a way of fueling the body for optimal performance. Meaning, if you cut down on the carbs your body will be weakened and your gym/sports performance will begin to deteriorate. Well, yes and no, it’s not that simple.

When you cut down on your carbs, your body can get into a state of shock because you are not feeding it fresh carbs and that can affect the numbers in your lifting sessions. However, your body will quickly adapt and start reaching for glycogen as it’s source of energy. Before you know it, you will start hitting your regular lifting weight again.

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