The 20 Rep Squat Workout: 20 Reps to Max Muscle



Squats are essentially the most effective bodybuilding, powerlifting, or CrossFit workout you can perform.  There are so many variations of the exercise that you’d probably be able to design an entire program around everyone. But instead, I am going to give you the lowdown on the OG of squats; the traditional back squat.

The following workout is not designed to be a hard workout, but, as I mentioned earlier, this can be used for bodybuilding, powerlifting or even CrossFit.  The results you want out of this exercise program will be based on how you consume your calories. If you’re planning on completing this workout and scarfing down a few burgers a day, then bodybuilding isn’t your thing… stick to powerlifting.


Before starting the workout, I would recommend preparing to supplement with glutamine and creatine. A gallon of milk per day is also recommended for those attempting to gain muscle mass but if you are trying to build lean muscle, skip the milk and save it for Santa. A lot of protein, good fats, and good carbs.

The goal of this workout is to force productions of testosterone and to supplement your increased testosterone and growth hormone production with massive amounts of muscle-building protein. These two major players in the muscle-building game, when increased using proper exercise form and combining that with a balanced attack of good calories, can cause an effect like the recent Cubs-Indians World Series battle of behemoths.


Now for the workout; the concept here is to utilize a weight that you can comfortably get to 12 reps with, pause and take a breath, and knock out 8 more for a total of 20. Concentrate on the squat exercise from day to day and try to increase the weight lifted by about 5 or 10 lbs a week and you’ll be on a first-class flight to Gainzville in no time.


Here’s a sample of the workout, done 1-3 times per week:

Press behind neck – 3 x 12
Squat – 1 x 20 superset with Pullover – 1 x 20
Bench press – 3 x 12
Rowing – 3 x 15
Stiff-legged deadlift – 1 x 15
Pullover – 1 x 20

Try to switch it up a little bit and add some variance to the above routine:

Squat – 1×20 (do as many warm-up sets as you think you will need to be well prepared)
Dumbbell pullover – 1 x 20
Bench press – 2 x 8-10
Bent over barbell rows – 2 x 8-10
Military press – 2 x 6-8
Barbell curls – 1 x 15
Crunches – 2 x 20


Squat – 1 x 20 (do as many warm-up sets as you think you will need to be well prepared)
Dumbbell pullover – 1 x 20
Dips – 2 sets to failure
Chins – 2 sets to failure
Dumbbell shoulder press – 2 x 8
Triceps extensions – 2 x 6-8
Leg raises – 2 x 12


To achieve maximum growth and to enhance recovery (but also avoid a daily upset stomach), slowly add more protein to your diet from lean meats and dairy.  You can plan on performing this workout 2-3 days per week for the best results but stick with this routine for up to 8 weeks.  If you want to stay lean while adding in some extra protein and carbs, be sure to perform about 20 minutes of cardio exercise about 2-3 days per week too.



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