7 Exercises Which Will Help Tone Your Abs In Record Time

Because who doesn't want a toned midriff?


“I hate having abs”, said no one ever. Although you might not want a six-pack, having a well-carved midsection can make you stand out. This is the reason many ab enthusiasts spend most of their time in the gym crunching.

Hardly do they know, only crunching wouldn’t get them to their goal of having shredded abdominals. You need to be changing your routine constantly to shock your body. This will force your body to make the changes you so strongly desire.

7 Exercises Which Will Help Tone Your Abs In Record Time

While ab exercises play an integral part in building your abs, don’t overlook nutrition and recovery. All these aspects are important if you want to build some rock solid abs. While this article has a long list of exercises, you don’t need to be doing them on the same day.

Performing all these exercises on a single day can lead to overtraining. Pick 3-4 exercises on this list and you’ll be on your way to building toned abs. Get ready for all the attention you’ll be getting once you take off your shirt after you follow this ab workout program.

7 Exercises Which to Help Tone Your Abs in Record Time

1. Exercise Ball Crunches

Exercise ball crunches are one of the most underutilized ab exercises. This exercise is great for ab isolation. If done correctly, your abs will be completely smoked after you finish this exercise. Tip: find a spotter who can help you get on and off the ball if you’re trying this exercise for the first time.

Lie down on the ball with your chest facing the roof. Place your hands under your head while your lower back should be placed over the center of the exercise ball. The trick here is to exhale at the top of the movement and squeeze your abs as hard as you can.

2. Ab Cable Pull Down Crunch

Cables are a great way to maintain a constant tension on your abdominals. While doing an ab exercise on the cable, you’ll have tension at the bottom and the top of the movement. Be ready to have an intense pump in your abs after this exercise.

Hold onto the rope or the straight bar extension on the cable machine. Kneel down while holding the extension just over the back of your head. Complete a crunch and try touching your knees with your elbows. Exhale and squeeze at the bottom of the movement.

3. Russian Twist Crunches

A ripped abdominal can’t be deemed complete without a solid set of obliques. Obliques are equally hard—if not harder—to build as your abs are. It can get even worse if you don’t put enough focus on your obliques from the beginning.

Hold onto a medicine ball or a weight plate you can complete 12 reps with. Bend your knees and sit while holding the weight in front of your abs. Twist to your right side. Squeeze and exhale at the sides. Return to the starting position and repeat on the left side.

4. Hanging Leg Raises

Hanging leg raises are incredibly effective at targeting your lower abs. Your lower abs can be one of the hardest body parts to train. It’s also where the most stubborn body fat is stored. You need to isolate your lower abs to train them efficiently and this exercise is great at it.

Hold onto a pull-up bar. Keep your knees locked out. Elevate your legs until they’re parallel to the floor. Slowly return to the starting position. A variation of this exercise includes bending your knees and raising them to your chest.

5. Planks

We’re sure you have heard about this exercise. Planks have earned a name for themselves when it comes to ab and core training. Planks help in building a stronger core which results in a better performance in all other exercises.

The most common mistake people commit while doing this exercise is to form a bridge where they elevate their hips higher than the rest of their body. Other people let it hang low. Both these positions take off the tension from your core and make it easier.

6. Reverse Crunches

Reverse crunches are great at targeting your lower abs. This can be a pleasant change from good old crunches. If you find this exercise easy (you will not), try it on a decline bench. It’ll make your abdominal muscles work harder.

Lie down on your back on a mat or a bench. Place your hands under your lower back. Bend your knees and lift them to your chest. Return to the starting position slowly and stretch out your legs. Repeat until failure.

7. Side Crunches

This exercise is indispensable if you have fat stored on your side aka love handles. Side crunches work on your sides and obliques. This exercise will help you bring the definition in your obliques as well as on the sides of your abs.

Lie down on your side and bend your knees at 90 degrees. Mimic the motion of a normal crunch. Exhale and squeeze at the top of the movement. Complete 12 reps on one side and repeat it on the other side.

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