Full Body Complex Dumbbell Workout for an Increased Metabolism

You will burn fat fast and improve your conditioning

A Full Body, Intense Dumbbell Complex Workout

Now that the title has caught your attention, it’s time to explain what this is all about. A complex is when you perform a series of back to back exercises using a single training tool. In this

A complex is when you perform a series of back-to-back exercises using a single training tool. In this case, the training tool is a pair of dumbbells. You will be doing seven exercises for seven reps and seven rounds. Pick a weight you are comfortable doing reps with because if you go too heavy you will tire out before the first round even ends.

Since you will have next-to-zero rest in between exercises your body will in return burn more fat and it will also speed up your metabolism. Not to mention the boost this will give to your conditioning and grip strength.

Remember, you have to hold the dumbbells through the entire round without pausing. That is bound to tighten up your handshake once you’re done with the workout. Now that we’ve established what the workout is going to look like, let’s look at the exercises you will be doing.

1. Overhead Triceps Extension

Raise the dumbbells over your head so that your elbows are pointing outwards and start doing some triceps extensions. Try keeping your elbows straight and don’t flare them out.

2. Biceps Curls

Now that you’ve done some triceps, time to work the biceps. Just as you finish your seventh rep of triceps extensions, lower your arms and start doing some biceps curls. Start with the dumbbells in your hands facing your sides and as you curl it towards your body, rotate it so that your palms are facing you.

3. Standing Arnold Press

Now that we’ve pumped those pythons, time to build some shoulders. Just as you finish your last rep of bicep curls raise your arms over your head and start cranking out some Arnold presses.

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4. Dumbbell Push-Up Row

We’re entering deep waters now, this will separate the boys from the men. Once you are done with your shoulders, you will drop down into a push-up position and after each push-up, perform a dumbbell row.

5. Walking Lunges

We are getting close to the end of the first round, so grind the rest of the set out. If you are doing this workout at a gym, find a place where there’s no people around and where there is enough open space.

Lunges are as simple as they get; take a big step forward with one leg and make sure your rear leg isn’t too far behind. When executed properly your rear knee should be at a 90-degree angle when touching the ground.

6. Dumbbell Front Squat

No exercise is complete without doing some squats! Raise your dumbbells to your shoulders with the ends of the dumbbell facing your shoulders, when you do that, squat down. This will work your core, legs, stability, shoulders, and arms. Don’t forget, you still got one exercise left.

7. Dumbbell Burpees


Last but not least, you will be doing burpees but with a wide stance, also known as “sumo burpees”. Instead of the usual burpees, you will do these with a wider stance. First lower your upper body then kick your feet back and do a push-up. After that kick your feet out behind your body, bring them back underneath your torso, and then stand up.

This workout isn’t a walk in a park as you can see, but the results are what counts here. You will look ripped and shredded while improving your conditioning at the same time. Don’t rush with going through the workout because you have to do the exercises one after the another for 7 rounds. The only break you will getting is between the rounds, between the exercises you don’t rest.

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