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bigger chest

No need for an intro here. Guys simply aspire to have an “Arnold-Like” set of pecs. The kind of chest muscles that power through any shirt and provide a perfect place for your lady to rest her head. That is the kind of chest we all want.

But sadly, it is not so easily attainable. Many, many guys struggle with a chest that just won’t grow. You do so many lifts and presses and pushups but for whatever reason, you don’t get that huge pump or your chest takes forever to gain size. Well, I’ve been doing research, and I have found some great techniques that have taken my chest workouts to the next level, and will hopefully work for you.

Get a Beast PUMP!

There is nothing quite like the feeling of getting a beautiful pump during a great chest workout. Your entire upper body feels big and you can practically picture yourself as a silverback gorilla. Now, I would hit my chest hard twice a week for months and never get that great pump, no idea why, but it just wouldn’t happen.

Then I started looking around for some tips and new exercises, and man, I found so much good stuff. This video in particular realllllly took my chest workout to new heights. I had a huge pump from beginning to end.

This kid knows what he is talking about — especially about the part when you contract your chest before a workout. DO IT. You will find way more awareness of your chest and have a phenomenal pump your entire training session. Above all else, this improved my chest workout the most.

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Cable Flies Actually Work

For some reason, I have seen many videos on YouTube and fitness websites that say cable flies don’t do much. Are you kidding? Those people are obviously doing them WRONG. Cable flies are fantastic for building flexibility and overall definition in your entire chest.

You can hit the lower chest, the upper chest, the inner chest and even use them to stretch. If you need some tips on proper cable fly form, this is a great/quick video how to do them properly:

Personally, I have found that drop sets work best for me when doing cable flies. I’ll hit my chest for 5 sets/12-15 reps each, with each set dropping down in weight. Don’t forget to squeeze your chest at the end of each rep! This is the most important part of cable flies. You can squeeze your muscles and still maintain complete control of the weight; that is such an underappreciated part of using cables.

Rotator Cuffs Always Come Into Play

I have separated both of my shoulders playing hockey. Because of this, I have keen awareness of how important rotator cuff strength is, especially when you want to grow your upper body. You may not know it, but every exercise that involves your chest, actually uses your rotator cuffs too.

This sounds really stupid, and for people who haven’t separated their shoulders, you might not know how to even strengthen your rotator cuff. Well, here are some exercises you can do that will help strengthen your rotator cuff, and in turn, strengthen your shoulders:

Man, what a great explanation. That dude knows his stuff. If you haven’t injured your shoulder yet, start doing rotator cuff exercises (with proper form!) to prevent your shoulders from being injured. Shoulder pain pretty much F*cks all of your upper body workouts.

Oh and guess what, when you make your rotator cuff stronger, YOU CAN HIT YOUR CHEST HARDER.

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Single Arm Side Press

I guarantee most of you have never seen nor attempted this exercise, but WOW, it has done wonders for my chest pump and chest gains! How do I know this isn’t a popular exercise? Well, when I searched on YouTube, there were only TWO videos about it! Here is the best one I could find. His form isn’t “great” but you will get the idea of how to do it.

Bros, and even ladies, do this exercise on your next chest day. I use the decline press when I do it, but incline works well too. Put your body in a sideways position and make sure your legs provide stability.

USE A GOOD AMOUNT OF WEIGHT. Use weight that you can bust out 4 sets of 8 and squeezing your pecs at the end of each rep. This will blow up the inside of your chest and you will get a phenomenal pump from it. Try it out, I have no doubt that you’ll like it!

Bring Back the Svend Press

Whatever happened to the Svend press? This was a widely used exercise 30 years ago. Let’s bring it back. If you have never heard of the Svend Press, you probably aren’t alone. I found a quick video that has great form. Check it out!

My oh my does this blast your chest. Keeping your hands flat on the plates (very important) and squeezing your chest as your press out, then squeezing your chest as you bring the plate back. Try your best not to engage the triceps. Focus on pressing your hands together and obliterating your inner chest. GO SLOWLY. The Svend Press won’t do much good if done quickly.

Do 3-5 sets of this (depending on how much you can do). You probably won’t be able to use much weight in the beginning and won’t be able to do 5 sets. But do this at the END of every chest workout. It will keep up the great pump you have, and will make you sore.

Try these exercises and tips next time you are hitting the gym for a great chest workout. You probably haven’t tried many of these, so it will be a nice integration into your usually chest routine. Lastly, make sure to stretch your chest after performing all of your lifts. People forget that stretching is extremely important!

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