TRANSFORMATION: Greg Golias — From Kid to Monster

This could be the most unreal transformation ever.

greg golias

Greg Golias is the mass monster that sleeps underneath the beds of pro bodybuilders. You’ve seen the memes, and in case you didn’t know, yes, he his not Photoshopped.

You’ve probably seen the memes that circulated around the internet a few years back, and in case you didn’t know, yes, he his not Photoshopped. I say again, not Photoshopped.

Whenever a picture of Golias pops up on your news feed, it’s likely that you still do a double-take each and every time. I know that I do.

How is it even possible for someone to get that big?!

Pharmaceuticals aside, it takes some real outstanding genetics and work ethic—both in the training and dietary front—to grow the amount of muscle mass that Golias has.

It’s like he never got the memo about getting off the gain train when it arrived at Gainsville. No, he’s on his way to a different solar system altogether.

However, Golias was never a muscular guy growing up, unlike Mr. Olympias Phil Heath and Ronnie Coleman. And even then, he’s still bigger than them both.

But if he’s so big, why doesn’t he compete at the Olympia?

This is something only Golias can answer, but if I had to give my two cents, it would be because of his shape. Being big is a plus in any bodybuilding competition, but being big and having great shape and symmetry is what you really need.

Nevertheless, we’re not taking anything away from Greg. After all, he has done what only a handful of people are able to achieve, and that is slapping on so much muscle that onlookers are in disbelief about whether you are human or not.

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