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The Ultimate Guide to Getting Shredded

You’ve tried damn near everything there is to try with relation to dieting. All of which have either given you minimal results, great but unsustainable results or you just ended up worse than what you started with.

If your situation is somewhat relatable to what I mentioned above, then you’re not alone. Thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, have fallen victim to diets that were created to either bank in on the ignorance of those who know nothing about fat loss, or diets that were created with little to no research behind it, causing damage to your health and overall wellbeing.

From diets that recommend you eat nothing but kale and eggs to diets that have you only eating either of the three macronutrients – you’ll always find something on either end of the spectrum, and in most cases, it ends up placing you in a caloric deficit that you’re unable to climb out of.

When you’ve put yourself in such a position, restoring metabolic & hormonal harmony in your body can take quite some time. There’s no pill that can fix this “state” that your body’s in. What you need are patience and persistence.

I’ve been in that position. To restore your metabolism back to where it needs to be is a time consuming and patience-testing process. So, I’m going to elaborate a bit on my story, and I know for a fact that there are hundreds of you reading this who can relate to what I’ve been through. If you’re in the process of ignorantly causing damage to your metabolism, then you should seriously read this!

Where the Journey Began

I’ve been lifting weights for nearly a decade, and I wish I could say the same for the number of years spent on monitoring my nutrition. In my former years of lifting weights, I would just focus getting in protein first and then carbs, which were mostly in the form of canned tuna, chocolate bars, cereal, and pizza. I absolutely had no knowledge macronutrients, let alone the word “macronutrients.”

As you would image, my results were super average and inconsistent. One month I would weigh a few pounds heavier than I would the next. This went on for a few years.

My turning point, however, came in 2013, when I twisted my knee walking down a fleet of stairs, stretching my ligaments and subjecting myself to crutches for a few weeks.

You might think how injuring my knee taught me about macronutrients and nutrition. Well, I’m the kind of person who likes to look good when his shirt comes off – be it alone in my room or in front of people at a pool party.

Rendering myself somewhat unable to move about with freedom, I figured that I would add extra fat to my frame because I won’t be able to perform cardio or do much free weight training. And for some reason, this is what pushed me to do research on proper nutrition.

Up until this point, I thought that you had to eat special foods to get shredded. And from the myriad of interviews with bodybuilders and fitness personalities, you’ll always see that chicken and rice is on the menu for the day. I figured that was my ticket to having little to no body fat. I was almost right.
While doing my research, and scouring the internet for help, I came upon a certain book that a certain fitness personality said he had started with. So, I thought why not try it for myself? And that’s exactly what I did!

Much to my surprise, the results came rather quickly. I went from a guy who looked like he lifts to a guy who looked like he’s been using some illegal goodness. At that point in my life, I was void from any chemical enhancements in my pursuit of gains.

In 2013, when I weighed 170 pounds

A few weeks flew by and my results began to stagnate.

A friend of mine, who happens to be a photographer, asked if he could do a shoot, and of course, I would say yes. (I’m not allowed to post the photos unfortunately due to copyright)
I decided to treat the week leading up to this photo shoot the same way a bodybuilder would a peak week. I had absolutely no knowledge as to what to do during a peak week and again, took to the internet to find the answers to my questions. One site, in particular, had some clear and concise advice and instructions compared to the others and especially compared to forums.

Common sense would lead one to follow clear instruction rather than the word of a bro scientist on Reddit. And thus, the path of common sense was chosen… much to my own demise.

I followed the instructions, step by step, word for word. And you know what the result was? 170 pounds of walking bloat. Looking back now, that peak week guide was written by an open-class bodybuilder and what worked for him – numbers and all. If I were to follow the same guide today, I definitely would have lowered the number of carbs that needed to be consumed. However, I’ve learned so much since then that I wouldn’t even go back to read that article.

Back to the story. After the shoot was said and done, I went on a binge fest. During those 10 weeks of dieting, I hadn’t had a cheat meal; it was all chicken & rice and egg white omelets.

What I didn’t know, and what the book I was reading failed to mention, was that there is such a thing as ‘metabolic adaptation’. Seeing how I tracked all my meals and all the calories that went into my body, I ended my 10 weeks of dieting at 1,800 calories per day. Let that sink in.

I binge ate for nearly two weeks, and I’m confident enough to say that I was consuming at least twice as many calories than I was during the dieting phase. Because of this, I put on about 17 pounds of weight; both water weight and fat. As you would imagine, going from a shredded freak beast to a pudgy toad with bicep veins is very unflattering and not much of a sight to admire.

After all this physique “drama”, I did some more research and reading and learned about reverse dieting. The timing could not have been any more perfect.

Here I was, a chubby lifter with no answers when suddenly I had found what I needed to get back into optimal shape — reverse dieting!

As I mentioned earlier, it takes a lot of patience to “reverse” your metabolism to function optimally. After all, it took me nearly a year to restore mine to where it could function optimally. As time went on, I tried various dieting tactics to get lean and stay lean. Some were successful, others not.

Week 1 – ~180 pounds

Through all my trial and error, I’ve been able to combine what I’ve found to work best in my experiences. I’ve put it all together to form a sustainable diet and easy-to-incorporate methods. At the end of the day, your diet will turn into a lifestyle – that’s exactly the goal and purpose behind my methods.

Not only will it be easy to sustain, you’ll enjoy it.

In my latest venture, I put these combined methods to the test. I wasn’t preparing for a show or anything of the sort. I just wanted to see if what I had put together worked. Long story short, it did.
I’m not a supporter of diets that work quickly. The faster the diet works, the worse you’ll end up. I prefer to take my time to lower my body fat. Not only do you keep muscle loss to an absolute minimum, but you’re also able to keep your metabolism purring like a kitten if that kitten was a lion.

Week 10 – 180 pounds

Usually, when prepping for a show, an individual would be fairly shredded by week 10. I was only experimenting with different tactics that I’ve learned. I dropped roughly 1 pound of fat a week with only 15-20 minutes of cardio twice a week, 3-4 refeed days a week, all while keeping my calories above 2,600 a day.

Prioritizing on keeping the metabolism as high as possible during the fat loss phase, I incorporate specific days to refeeding. Refeeding isn’t simply eating more food on a certain day. Refeeding can be used and incorporated in various ways during the fat loss phase. It is also dependant on how long you plan on dieting for and how intense/severe your calorie cut is, all of which I thoroughly explain in The Ultimate Guide to Getting Shredded.

Another focus point that I have is reverse dieting. Not many books on nutrition or diets have this fundamental aspect to a successful diet. Many diets are focused on helping you lose weight, but not on how to keep that weight away. That’s where The Ultimate Guide to Getting Shredded differs from the rest. With instructions on how to reverse your calories back to where they were and even higher, all whilst keeping fat gain to an absolute minimum.

The Ultimate Guide to Getting Shredded is the fat loss guide you’ve always needed. You just didn’t know it until now.

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