5 Exercises That Don’t Burn As Many Calories As You Think

Exercises That Don't Burn Many Calories


Exercising whenever you can is a good and healthy idea. But, if your goal is to burn fat and lose weight, there is a high possibility that one of your favorite exercises isn’t burning away as many calories as you think.

The purpose of this discussion isn’t to freak you out that all your efforts are in vain. These exercises do work but not as much as you think. And why struggle unnecessarily on something that doesn’t benefit you as much?


Basically, when your goal is to lose weight, you must ensure that every exercise you are doing is in favor of you and that no drop of sweat goes unrewarded. So, here are 5 exercises that you should consider changing if you’re doing them.

Exercises That Don’t Burn Many Calories

1. Crunches and Planks

I admit that they do strengthen your core and work on your ab muscles and tighten the belly but it doesn’t burn the fat sitting on top of it. A majority of the people think that by working on their abs, they are directly burning the fat on their tummy. They’re not.

Crunches and Planks

What to do?

You should focus on your exercise but include a lower and total body exercise. When you work on a wider range of muscles altogether such as deadlifts, squats, burpees, pull-ups, etc., they burn a greater number of calories.

2. Lifting Light Weights

If you are looking to tone up your body and build muscles, relying on light weight exercises won’t get you anywhere. I mean those tiny pink dumbbells. Even if you are thinking that lifting light weights with higher reps might work, it doesn’t. Your goal is to boost your metabolic rate and to effectively do that, you should work with heavier weights.

Lifting Light Weights

What to do?

Consider doing fewer reps—like 6-12 reps—a set but increase the weight you lift. However, you can also go with the light weights but go all the way to failure. It also leads to hormonal changes and muscle size increases but not as much as with heavier weights. However, experts recommend going with heavier weights for achieving muscle fatigue.

3. Yoga

I know it’s one of the best restorative activities for your body and mind but yoga doesn’t include a lot of movements. By holding a specific pose for long duration does challenge your muscles in some way but doesn’t burn a lot of calories.


What to do?

You should consider enrolling yourself in a vinyasa class that is a combination of more movements and increases your heart rate rapidly. Not to mention that yoga itself has several benefits.

4. Spinning

I know you’ve been waiting to hear this but spin classes, despite the intensity, doesn’t burn a lot of calories. The reason is, you sit on a chair and work through your legs. Just by engaging the leg muscles won’t have a significant effect on burning calories or shedding extra fat off your tummy. When you’re working out in the spin class, you are not even close to burning calories as compared to what a regular bike would do.


What to do?

Instead of the normal spin class, you should pedal a regular bike daily for a high-intensity work. It burns more calories, utilizes more body muscles and helps burn more fat.

5. Long Runs At The End

Those long runs at the end do have a great impact on the number of calories burnt but not as much as you think. You naturally have to run at a slower pace at the end. Not that you are unfit, it’s actually your aerobic energy system that allows exercising for longer durations but doesn’t provide the energy to run fast enough at the end of the workout.

Long Runs At The End

What to do?

You should consider switching to HIIT instead of the long runs. High-intensity Interval Training burns a lot of calories in less time and helps tone up your body faster than any other workout.

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