14 Most Outrageous Glimpses of People Doing Weird Crossfit Stuff

There comes a point in time when making fun of Crossfitters is like picking on the small kid at camp. That’s because they ARE the grown up versions of the small kid at camp, except instead of sitting on the sidelines and pretending to be sick on canoe day, they’re doing all sorts of weird shit in the gym to “improve” their…

crossfitlol (1)

So that they can do practical everyday things like this…

crossfitlol (1)

And this.   crossfitlol (2)

It’s not a real workout unless you risk paralysis.

crossfitlol (2)

It’s actually more of a cult than a workout, except instead of gathering in the forest in robes to drink goat’s blood, they do shit like this..

crossfitlol (3)

And they’ll tell you it’s for “muscle confusion”, but the only confusion comes from the concerned onlookers.

crossfitlol (3)

Sidenote – Isn’t this a Transformer?


New game: Gymnastics class for children or Crossfit?crossfitlol (5)

Crossfitters gonna Crossfit.

crossfitlol (6)

This is NOT what “Spot Me Bro” means. Stand yourselves up and go lift some weights like civilized people.

crossfitlol (7)

Another compelling argument against Crossfit.

crossfitlol (8)

How dumb are you trying to look, Crossfitters? What is your end goal?

crossfitlol (11)

More functional movement. Flexible wrists can help when you have to pull your own head out of your ass.

crossfitlol (12)

“Emergency room doctors hate him!”

crossfitlol (13)

Asking those tough questions. crossfitlol (9)

Crossfitters, the floor is now yours…

There would be more comments from Crossfitters to defend themselves except they’re still recovering.

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