Hilarious CrossFit vs. Bodybuilding Rant Goes Viral



A war has ravaged the fitness industry since time immemorial—okay, not quite that long, but bodybuilders and CrossFit enthusiasts have been really, really pissy with each other ever since the latter was founded at the turn of the century.

One particular bodybuilder, Robert Frank, has taken the argument to new heights, however, and a video of his creation is once again doing the rounds explaining why CrossFit is supposedly a useless endeavor consisting of impractical functions.


SpotMeBro is an advocate of exercise in general, so we’re here to weigh the pros against the cons and judge if there’s any merit to Frank’s claims, or if he’s actually just getting annoyed about something for no reason and should concentrate on his own exercise.

Full disclosure: It leans toward the latter.

After we’ve viewed the video, we’ll do our best to point out the obvious right off the bat—why is Robert Frank so upset with how other people go about their fitness lifestyles? The answer: Nobody knows. Rumor has it Robert Frank emerged from the womb angry, and has remained in that state ever since.

The old rivalry runs deep, it seems.

And now, on to the debate; here are some key excerpts from the dude in question and counter-arguments offer for the sake of debate:

1. “Because you never know when you’re gonna need to flip a tyre.”

Tyres or barbells, repeatedly lifting heavy things can be fun. I’ll even lift a cantaloupe if I want to.

2. “Because you never know when you’ll need to do handstand pushups.”

Goku and Vegeta do handstand pushups, therefore I do handstand pushups.

3. “Because you never know when you’ll want to pop out a cartwheel.”

I have landed many a females’ attention through display of my acrobatic abilities. Plus, cartwheels make me look cute and playful.


The bottom line here is very simple. You can do CrossFit or you can do bodybuilding—you can even do a combination of the two—just make sure it’s done safely, with proper form and not like one of those pregnant women putting their unborn children at risk in those fail videos.


The other bottom line here is to never get a collar tattoo, combine it with a silver neck-chain and walk around with your hoodie half unzipped.

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