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These Are the 5 Supplements You Need to Build Muscle Mass

Supplementation plays a huge role in bodybuilding. Without the right nutrition and supplementation, no matter how much time you spend in the gym, you won’t see results. Supplements can make life easier and more convenient.

They’re especially helpful for the people who are always on the move or who don’t have the time to prep their meals in advance. Popping a protein shake during a class or on the subway can be a life—or rather, gains—saver.

Although supplements are important, some people take it to the next level. They buy every supplement they can get their hands on. While some supplement can help you achieve your goals, the others won’t do anything for you.

1. Testosterone Booster

You can’t deny that testosterone is important when it comes to packing on muscle mass; in fact, countless studies have proven that there’s a direct link between T levels and and muscle protein synthesis.

For this reason, 100% natural testosterone boosters have gained popularity in recent times. Why? Well, the best products on the market encourage your body to increase T production, without causing side effects.

But it’s important that you choose the right product. In a market filled with ineffective testosterone boosters, which can also cause side effects, it’s easy to be led down the wrong path.

Here at SpotMeBro, we’ve got you covered – after consulting experts and doing our research, we’ve found your best option for building muscle mass.

Best Test Booster – TestoFuel

Quick Overview

This premium testosterone booster has taken the industry by storm. It’ll help you get that rock hard body you’ve always dreamed about; there’s no negatives to looking into the mirror and seeing a chiselled 6-pack or swole physique. Everyone wants it, and they’re lying if they say otherwise.

It’s rare to find a supplement with so many positive reviews, without any critics looking for attention. In fact, it’s hard to avoid TestoFuel when searching for a natural test booster for one reason – it works.

How it works: 

  • Faster muscle gains – Pack on muscle mass easier than you would normally.
  • Lift bigger weights – Experience your strength increase and smash your personal records in the gym!
  • Lose belly fat – Get rid of that stubborn fat and achieve that lean waist you’ve worked towards.
  • Boost in sex drive – Enhanced libido will get your blood pumping, so you perform better in bed!
  • Enhanced mood – A great benefit of raised T levels is the raised energy and motivation levels, to help you realize your fitness goals.
  • No side effects – With only 100% natural ingredients, TestoFuel offers all its benefits without causing any side effects.


  • Premium price – it costs more than other test boosters, but you’ll be getting a tried-and-trusted product proven to work.
  • Only available to buy from their website –

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2. Pre-Workout

Our lives are full of stress and workload. This can have a carryover effect into our workouts as well. We all have days when you don’t want to workout or you just do your time in the gym. This won’t get you anywhere. You need to be giving your all to bring about a change in your physique.

This is where pre-workout supplements come into play. Pre-workout supplements give you the edge you need to make the most of your workouts. Some pre-workout supplements even help you with mental focus, muscle pumps, and explosive energy.

Best Pre-Workout – 4 Gauge

Quick Overview

Presented in a shotgun bottle, 4 Gauge is a hard-hitting product that’ll get you PUMPED for your gym session. After taking a serving of this pre-workout, you’ll experience crazy boosts in endurance, strength, focus and energy levels – helping you perform at your best everytime.

But that’s not all. 4 Gauge has been specifically formulated so you feel your biceps bulging while you curl; with enhanced muscle pumps, you’ll not only feel great, but you’ll benefit from reduced muscle fatigue and damage too.

After-all, it’s what Arnold Schwarzenegger claimed to be the ‘greatest feeling in the world‘.

How it works: 

  • Skin-splitting muscle pumps – Feel your skin get tighter with every rep.
  • Smash your PB’s – Feel like you can take on the world with enhanced strength.
  • Train harder for longer – Make more progress on your fitness goals, and achieve them faster.
  • Energy boosts – Perform at peak levels throughout your gym session.
  • No side effects – No crashes, jitters or itchy skin.
  • Tastes great – The fruit punch flavor makes 4 Gauge one of the best tasting pre-workouts we’ve tried.


  • Premium price – More expensive than other pre-workouts
  • Only one flavor – fruit punch.
  • Can only buy from their website:

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3. Fat Burners

Fat burners can be a blessing if you’re getting ready for a competition – or if you’re getting in shape to hit the beach in summer.

You don’t want to be the guy wishing he had abs on holiday, embarrassed to take your shirt off in the sun; fat burners will help you shed the extra weight and fat conveniently.

Here’s how they work: fat burners raise your metabolic rate, which will make you burn calories even while you’re sitting. By taking fat burners, your body burns calories which result in the release of energy.

As a result, you’ll feel more energetic throughout while you cut calories – making it easier to achieve chiselled arms and abs.

Best Fat Burner – Instant Knockout

Quick Overview 

If you’ve ever wondered what professional athletes use to cut weight, then Instant Knockout is what you’re looking for. It’s used by UFC fighters such as Diego Sanchez and John Dodson; to boost their energy and cut hunger cravings while making weight for fights.

After its success on the professional MMA scene, Instant Knockout was offered to the public as a premium product – since then, it’s cemented it’s place as the #1 fat burner on the market.

After trying it ourselves, it quickly became our favorite fat burner – helping us shred fat and reach our fitness goals quicker.

How it works: 

  • Shreds fat faster – You’ll uncover your 6-pack quicker than before.
  • Chiselled arms – Instant Knockout helps you maintain muscle mass while you lost fat.
  • Increased motivation – Never feel too tired to smash a workout again!
  • Energy boosts – This fat burner helps keep your energy levels steady while cutting calories.
  • Reduced hunger cravings – Less dreaming about pizza, and more work towards your fitness goals.
  • No Side Effects – No jitters or crashes while you’re at work or in the gym.
  • 100% natural ingredients – No potentially harmful ingredients such as yohimbe or synephrine.


  • Premium price – costs more than other alternatives, but the best are more expensive to product.
  • Only available on their website:

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4. Creatine

A lot has been said about this supplement. While some people doubt its safety, many studies have proved its safety and effectiveness. Creatine replenishes your ATP resources which help you get out more reps and sets.

It also has a water retaining property which adds bulk to your body. If you’re looking to gain some muscle mass, creatine combined with whey protein will be your best bet.

The best part about creatine is, unlike whey protein, you don’t need to be taking it forever. You can cycle this supplement, however, the difference between staying on and cycling it on and off, are minimal.

How to take it: Creatine can be taken before or after a workout. Taking it before your workout will help in the ATP replenishment during your workouts. Use creatine for three weeks and come off it for the next three weeks. Follow this cycle for this supplement for best results.

Best Creatine – Creatine HMB by Transparent Labs

Simply put, with products that’re only one ingredient, they’re all going to do the same job. While there are many different brands out there ultimately what you’re getting is creatine.

However, we do recommend creatine products containing creatine monohydrate; we believe this to be the most reliable and effective form of this compound. However, we do have a list of highly rated creatine supplements – which you can see by clicking the link below…

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5. BCAAs

BCAAs are a must have if you have long, grueling workouts. You’re at a risk of going into a catabolic (muscle losing) state during long and intense workout sessions. Taking BCAAs help in repairing your muscles while you’re working out. This eliminates the risk of muscle loss.

BCAAs are also incredibly effective in improving immunity. This is important because every time you lift weights you’re putting your nervous system under stress. This supplement will also make sure you’re never deficient in amino acids.

How to take it: You can sip on BCAAs throughout the day. Taking this supplement during your workout is recommended. You can also take it before going to bed. This will give your body some time to recover as it will have the required amino acids.

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Best BCAAs – Any

Again, BCAAs are simply made up from 3 branched chain amino acids; L-Leucine, L-Isovaline, L-Valine.

Regardless of which BCAA product you choose, it’ll have all the same 3 ingredients inside (we realize we’re stating the obvious, but it’s just for those that didn’t know…).

Anyway, now that we’re finished being Sherlock Holmes, you can look at the highest rated BCAA supplements in our list below…


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