Natural Pre Workout Supplements

Natural pre workout supplements are the only pre workout supplements you’ll ever need. Ever wonder why the hulk was green? He was all natural (and maybe slightly irradiated).

In a growing market of scams, risks and weak formula’s though, where do natural pre workout supplements fit in to your life?

Supplements can be broken down into loads of categories. Some are shit, some effective.

Most come in powders, some in capsules. Some you snort, some you rub on your skin. You get the idea.

When it comes to natural or unnatural though, natural supplements win every time.

As a team who’s done more supplements we care to admit and wasted money on so many ‘next level pre workouts’ in the name of research. Our findings are fairly conclusive.

We’ve all been in that limp state, struggling to force out a rep and just wanting the session to be over. Pre workouts are the obvious answer to this problem.

But what if some pre workouts could make your problem worse? Re: the categories from above? Well we group two of them. Unnatural and shit.

We’re not going to go on some preachy rant about the need for natural supplements maaaaan, we’re not hippies. We are iron addicts. But when it comes down to natural vs unnatural pre workout supplements you are basically choosing between health and sickness.


We’ve had enough energy crashes, anxiety attacks and palpitations from unnatural pre workouts above any other supplement or product.

Question is, do you want to go through that too?

If not then read on, see what we have to say and learn why your pre workout needs to be natural. For your sake.

What are the best natural pre workout ingredients?

Let’s start at the bottom here. The ingredients in pre workouts.

In order to ensure you’re avoiding unwanted side effects and sticking to natural ingredients you need to know what to look out for as you buy.

Each ingredient in your workout is going to have (or hopefully will have) an effect to your performance. If you are in the squat rack, or spending 30 minutes doing Zumba, you need to be sure the combination of ingredients in the pre workout is right for you.

We’re going to stick to the 5 top pre workout ingredients that work here. So, for the category:

Natural and effective (NOT unnatural and crappy.)

#1 Caffeine

Most known for being in your coffee, we’re not going to lecture you on it’s effects.The safest and most effective form of caffeine you need to be looking out for is caffeine anhydrous.

This is made from the leaves and seeds of the caffeine plant. If you’re looking for a clean and side effect free form of this popular psychoactive stimulant, look no further.

Natural source: Cup of coffee

#2 L-Citrulline DI Malate


An ingredient essential to your pre workout to improve muscle pumps, strength and immune health Also something that is natural. This is a non essential amino acid and is converted to l-arginine in the kidneys.

L-Citrulline DI Malate is naturally sourced from watermelon so can be supplemented worry free.

Natural source: Slices of watermelon 

#3 Creatine


Essentially creatine supplementation can make you stronger.This is another non essential amino acid that you should be supplementing with if you are training.

How much varies between goals but we find that 1000mg+ supplemented 5 times per week can help. This won’t get you as much of an instant pre workout effect as the ingredients above, but it is worth keeping in mind when sourcing your product.

Natural source: Tuna and fish

#4 Green Tea


Supplementing green tea as a pre workout is still fairly uncommon. But with such a massive amount of fitness benefits we had to include it.

Green tea can really help your body break down fatty acids to be used as energy, while also having a mild stimulant effect. Green tea contains both caffeine and L-Theanine which is why it made the list.

Can’t find a supplement with it in? Drink a cup 1 hour before your pre workout for an extra boost.

Natural source: Green Tea (duh)

#5 L-Theanine


Works in perfect harmony with the other ingredients in this list. L-Theanine will provide you with unrivaled focus at does of 150mg+. It’s also going to ensure you get no energy crashes or jitters if the stimulants get to you.

Natural Source: Teas

See the top pre workouts that contain these key ingredients here.

Why do natural pre workouts work?

When you use the right blend of ingredients, natural pre workouts are far superior to the unnatural counterparts. Why?

For normal guys and girls your body is going to have a far easier time breaking down and utilizing ingredients from natural sources.

Every time you eat or drink something it goes through a process called nutrient partitioning.

This basically means your body is breaking down whatever you’ve put in it (orally at least) and getting as much value from it as it can.


Now, if you drink a natural pre workout supplement, it’s going to have a much easier time making use of these common and natural ingredients. Not only that, it’s less likely to give you any adverse reactions as it’s used to whatever you had.

This means you’re going to get far better effects, provided you invest in a premium product that uses real ingredients from real sources and was made by practicing fitness professionals and trainers.

How do you find out if it’s safe?

The supplement should always be made in a c-GMP approved facility. This ensures ‘Good Manufacturing practice’.


You also need to be checking the doses of each ingredients out. Some companies are going to try scam you here, with a proprietary blend.

A proprietary blend is basically buying a product without being able to see it’s contents. Yes, you’ll be able to see ingredients, but the doses are hidden.

A pre workout could have a serving size of 1500mg. Each serving contains 1000mg of caffiene. You’d never know, because they wouldn’t show it.

The first point you realized would be the heavy anxiety and stomach pains you get in your car waiting outside the gym. Not ideal. Believe us.

Three checks to spot a good natural pre workout supplement:

  1. Does it have all natural ingredients?
  2. Are the ingredients backed by scientific studies?
  3. Is it made in c-GMP Approved Facilities?

Best Natural Pre Workout Supplements – For the lazy

If you’re wanting to get to the gym so you can make some gains and don’t want to waste hours of your time researching natural pre workout supplements then we’ve put together a list of our favorites.


#1 Natural Pre Workout Supplement

4 Gauge

4 Gauge by Roar Ambition as the best pre workout without l-arginine

Experience muscle pumps and energy like you wouldn’t believe.

4 Gauge is a completely natural pre workout that steers away from proprietary blends and high levels of stimulants.

4 Gauge is manufactered in a cGMP facility and uses scientifically backed doses of natural ingredients to give you the ultimate pre workout experience – without any nasty crashes.

4 Gauge Benefits 

  • Zero side effects
  • Intense muscle pumps from scientifically dosed caffeine
  • Clean and focused energy that lasts from the caffeine/l-theanine combo

-Visit The 4 Gauge Website-

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