Seth Feroce’s Instinctive Arm Assualt

Quit pumping those pythons the same way you always have.


Seth Feroce pumped up his arms, grew out his beard, and began slinging straight talk across YouTube. The IFBB pro wasn’t always an online presence, in fact, he was simply your basic bodybuilder, however, recently Seth has had a few things to say.

If you’re looking to really go down the rabbit hole with Feroce before the arms show, check out this two-part rant on training, life, steroids, and his affection toward the word f*ck.


If you’d like to save that for another time, bookmark it for a post workout meal video.

Draw Outside The Lines

For all of you cookie-cutter lifters — in the words of Cat Stevens “baby, it’s a wide world”. Routines exist beyond the safe borders of eight to twelve reps, 60-second rest between sets, and alternating dumbbell curls. Feroce seems to implement a lot more instinct and out of the box thinking than others in his demographic, so pay attention.


Besides resembling a Viking that discovered Odin’s steroid stash, Feroce seems to have a level head on his shoulders. Gone are the days of predictable workouts, and one size fits all fitness. Life is unpredictable, so throw some variation into the gains grind.

Granted, he’s packing a bit too much mass for distance cardio, but that doesn’t mean you should skip it too. Like the man said in the aforementioned rant video, he’s gone down this road because he chose to. Pick a path and excel at it. Take tips from those who have done it before, learn from everything, avoid one-dimensional thinking. Don’t just gun for the glory pump, train for life.

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