Riff Raff Gives Up Hardcore Drugs and Gains Muscle Instead



The classic tale of gaunt to gains. Riff Raff apparently got sick and tired of looking like a Trail of Tears survivor, and has recently been baptized in the iron. Cocaine and amphetamines are a thing of the past, now that our boy has turned to 7 shot venti lattes, and semi-educated lifting. Respect though, he’s allegedly gained 30 pounds in roughly a month by training religiously and consuming the hauls from full episodes of The Deadliest Catch (really, a lot of seafood).


Aside from him and his crew acting like total ass-clown newbies in the weight room, we can’t knock a convert to the swole life. Riff Raff has his sights on a bodyweight of 250 before too long, claiming there’s no stopping him. Keep wading through those calories bro, it’s a bright future ahead. Check out Vice’s account of his life change.


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