Pornhub’s 10th Anniversary: Celebrate Your Favorite Website

Let’s cut the BS, every man (or woman) reading this article loves Pornhub


Take a long, hard look at yourself in the mirror. Do you admit to watching pornography? 

If you answered ‘No’, then you’re an idiot.

There’s a plethora of unbelievable content on Pornhub that simply needs to be binge watched and appreciated!

You probably don’t need to watch the old movies such as ‘Womb Raider’ or ‘Robin Hood: Prince of Beaves’ (which, by the way, is an absolute classic). But the shorter 10 minute (*cough…skip to 20 second money shot*) videos that Pornhub offer will suit most people.

Anyway, this video sharing platform is celebrating it’s 10th anniversary this year, and they’ve done it in incredible fashion – by creating a comical commercial, which you can see below…

If you’re at work unable to watch the video, it basically shows a range of people during everyday activities (yoga classes, buying bread, removals and storage men etc).

It all starts out pretty normal. In fact, initially, I was slightly disappointed there was no t*ts or painal…

Until people start humping each other at the yoga class (and the removals and storage bro’s start humping the sofa like it was Mia Malkova – if you google her, feel free to return to SpotMeBro in 2 minutes time…)

Ultimately, it’s a very humorous way to celebrate Pornhub’s 10th year of saving marriages and putting a smile on the face of men and women around the world.

Not only that, Pornhub are offering you the chance to win a 10-year free membership to their ‘premium’ service, which entitles you to EVEN MORE videos in their collection…

How to Win 10-Year Free Pornhub Membership

Right, so the thought of free pornography grips us all like our favorite pornstar’s vagina on a BBC.

So here’s how to enter and be in with a chance of winning:

  • Submit a post with ‘#PHtaughtme’ on social media
  • Explain the most important things that Pornhub has helped to teach you – from crazy sex positions to sexual health awareness (or even self-acceptance).

After that, we’ve been told that a ‘expert panel’ of judges will determine the best 100 posts to win the competition – and spend the next 10 years emptying their plums to premium content.

So, this will be the only time we encourage you to hastag, bro. Get a move on, and if you manage to win a 10 year free membership, thank us in the comments section.

*Disclaimer: We don’t need to enter, as SpotMeBro has paid for a membership already*

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