Old School Arms with A New School Pro

“I’m not interested in today’s bodybuilders”


Mass monsters, “roid gut“, mobility issues… Callum Von Moger doesn’t want any part of that. This up and coming aesthetic spartan is reminiscent of the Golden Era, the 60’s and 70’s where bodybuilding remained in it’s storied infancy. Simply put, they looked better. However, that’s a discussion for another time.


The Australian bodybuilder has a body akin to Hellenic statues hoisting tridents and scepters and attributes it to his “old school” training and mindset. You don’t have to simply take our word for it, check out his back to basics arm routine here. Tips from your friendly neighborhood SpotMeBro to follow.

What a stud. Man crush aside, Callum is holding his own when compared to the stars of bodybuilding’s previous era. So what does it take to train like Arnold and Zane?

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Like the man said, he’s into volume and so were they. To some, 30 sets a body part feels like a soul-crushing pumpathon; they had some help from the veterinary clinic so adjust accordingly. Volume should be treated progressively, i.e. increasing a set or rep every week is the most surefire way to acclimate your pythons to increasingly barbaric amounts of curls.

The Priority Principle

One of Joe Wieder’s classic pillars, the priority principle hasn’t lost any relevance. Start with what matters to you most, while your mitochondria are still fresh and kicking. A word to the wise: compound first, isolation second. Let’s get rid of this pre-exhaust (my muscles are just for show) mentality. Focus on getting stronger and you will get bigger. Also, you won’t simply be a fragile centerpiece that’s all bark and no bite.

Don’t Forget The Classics

These don’t necessarily pump up your arms, but they are old school classics — Dumbbell Pullovers and Vacuums.


Pullovers are commonly forgotten despite doing wonders for chiseling out those enviable Serratus fibers. This can be a tricky movement due to the fact they train the Pecs and Lats simultaneously.

“Do I do them on back day or chest day?” 

Truthfully, you shouldn’t worry too much; however, you can shift the focus depending on the mind-muscle connection, and where you consciously contract. Pullovers act as a great finishing movement because of the intense stretch at the bottom portion. Knock these out within a few sets of 8-12 and you’ll be dealing with more detail than you’re used to over the ribs.

Similarly, vacuums work much smaller, forgotten muscle fibers as well. Everyone has seen Frank Zane’s otherworldly vacuum poses, but little do most know that pose doubles as an exercise. By drawing the belly button as far towards the spine as humanly possible, exhaling and holding for 10 seconds at a time, you can actually tighten the waist. This functions by way of training the deepest of the abdominal muscles that line the organs. Besides improving your beach game, training your core has never been a bad call.

Get Gaining

Another excuse to train arms, old school aesthetic techniques, what more could you need for a legendary workout? Check back in after the pump session for more tips.

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