The Shocking Truth About Sugar And Fat-Burning

Maybe sugar isn’t as bad as we thought…



You may have heard many scientists, health practitioners or bodybuilders telling you to eliminate all sugar products. Yet, as we learn more about nutrition, we find new answers to all types of questions like: Is sugar truly responsible for making people gain fat and becoming sick?

Previously, sugar was linked to diseases like cancer, obesity, and heart problems. But there was still one thing to think about. Is it sugar that does the harm, or the additional empty calories that come from sugar? As it turns out, there are lots of extra calories that come from sugar-rich products that could be the real danger.

For example, a can of soda contains 40-50 grams of sugar, so if you drink at least one soda per day, you get 150-200 additional calories—or 4,500 to 6,000 calories per month.


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Of course, fruits and dried fruits also contain sugar, but are beneficial because the provide extra vitamins and minerals unhealthy products lack, so are better for health and fitness.

To burn fat faster and become healthier, many athletes choose high-protein diets while decreasing carb and sugar intake, which helps them get enough protein to preserve muscle mass while cutting, feel full for longer and burn more calories to digest protein products. Combined, a protein-rich diet makes it easier to cut fat, stay healthy, and become stronger.


But for some people, eliminating all sweet products and exchanging them for daily doses of chicken is a difficult task. To learn how you can enjoy sweet food and find out why sugar in moderate amounts isn’t bad, continue reading.

Facts About Sugar Impact On Your Body



It’s true eating lots of sugar products is unhealthy if you choose empty calories like candy and cakes. These can be eaten in large volumes as they don’t make you full, so are a bad choice when you need to burn fat.

But if you choose healthy options like bananas, oranges and raisins, sugar isn’t so bad and in moderation can even benefit your goals. Scientists found active people are much better at tolerating glucose and insulin levels, so have a tiny chance to become fat and suffer from diseases caused by empty calories in sugar.

Also, if you eat sugar-rich food before training, most (if not all) calories you take from sugar will be used as fuel for training and won’t make you fat.


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Research also discovered high sugar consumption has almost no effect on weight. Scientists divided people into two groups; the first group added 11g of sugar to their daily diet, while the second group added 118g of sugar and experienced no difference in weight loss.

So, does this mean you can eat as much sugar as you wish? No, unless you create a diet in which you can get all essential minerals, vitamins, protein and other useful stuff you need to meet the necessary conditions for healthy and effective fat loss.

Sugar-rich products you should avoid:

  • Syrups and sweeteners
  • Candies
  • Commercially baked food (cookies, cakes, pies…)
  • Jams
  • Cereals
  • Sauces

Find other bad sugar products below:

Don’t be afraid of eating healthy sugar products, because sugar isn’t what destroys your gains. It’s too many empty calories and food that has zero nutrients so enjoy healthy sugar food and make sure to be fit.

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