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6 Ways to Lose Water Weight



Sometimes, people look fat not because they have lots of body fat, but because of bloating, overeating, or even water weight. Water weight isn’t as a common problem as being too fat because of body fat, but it still happens and sometimes adds additional pounds to even healthy individuals.

To help get rid of any unnecessary water weight, use these simple tips that will give you fast and visible results.

1. Drink MORE Water


That’s right, if you want to lose water weight, you need to drink more water. While it may seem to contradict common sense, the biggest cause of water weight is sodium. When your body absorbs too much sodium and gets too little water, water is kept in the body to create the balance between water and sodium.

So, to get rid of any excess sodium in your body, you need to flush it out by drinking more water. The number of liters you should drink varies from person to person, but if you have unnecessary water weight, it means that you should drink at least one additional liter per day.

If it doesn’t help, slowly increase the water intake even more. Also, if you feel that you have lots of water weight, it won’t harm you to visit a doctor.

2. Sweat


By sweating, you regulate the body temperature. However, sweating is also important to eliminate sodium ions that cause water retention. To lose water weight and excess sodium ions, you should sweat more often. Be it training, sunbathing, or spending time in a sauna — all methods work as long as you sweat.

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3. Don’t Over-Consume Salt and Products Containing Salt


While as much as 3-5 g of salt is beneficial to your health, over consumption of it may lead to water retention and other health problems like cancer and osteoporosis. So, adding less salt to your meals as well as eating fewer products like French fries, potato chips, and other foods that have lots of salts will help you to lose water weight.

4. Add Fiber to Your Diet


Most people who are living in economically rich countries, and even many bodybuilders, don’t get enough fiber as well as water, which cleanses the kidneys and the urinary track, fiber cleanses the digestive system, keeps things moving smoothly, and eliminates excess fluids.

The richest sources of fiber are fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, buckwheat, and oats. Alas, animal-based products provide too little fiber to stay healthy.

5. Eat Water-Rich Products


Many water-rich products are also full of fiber and are even more useful than products that have no fiber and a little amount of water in their makeup. By incorporating water-rich products instead of “dry” ones, you won’t feel so thirsty as well as get additional minerals and vitamins, because most water-rich products are fruits and vegetables.

6. Avoid Prolonged Bouts of Inactivity


If you train hard, it’s great, but it’s even better if you keep yourself moving at least a little bit even when you’re not exercising, because being in the same position like sitting for hours, decreases blood flow.

This means that your blood circulation becomes slower and less capable of transporting the needed nutrients through the body and eliminating excess fluids and sodium.

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Follow these healthy living tips and you’ll see that you lose water weight and feel better than before.

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