Use Broccoli And Carb Cycling For Extreme Fat Loss



How does one get rid of water weight? By dropping sodium? Dropping carbs? Deceasing water intake? Don’t worry! YouTube fitness star Elliott Hulse has a diet designed to not only help you drop water weight, but also restart your metabolism and detox your body of toxins. “How?” you might ask. By ingesting excessive amounts of broccoli mixed with some of that sweet, sweet carb cycling.

Excessive might sound a tad excessive, but truth be told, it is. This an extreme diet and should only be done by those who desperately need it to lose the most weight in a really short amount of time and also who have the willpower of a honey badger. Why a honey badger? Because honey badgers climb thorny trees and sh_t just to snack on black mambas. Be like the honey badger.


His diet calls for two days (Monday and Tuesday) of eating unlimited broccoli (he claims it has a positive benefit on testosterone production) and lean protein. For the protein he recommends tuna or turkey due to their leanness. After the two days of low fat meat and broccoli, the diet calls for 3 days of high fat meat and more broccoli. He recommends fatty cuts of beef and pork.

After the three high fat, high protein days, carbs are upped on Saturday and Sunday. Keep the broccoli consumption high, and go back to the lean meat for protein. Keep the carbs clean and unlimited (Sweet potatoes, Rice etc.). Hulse also addresses water intake.

He calls for drinking 2 gallons during the first phase, 1 during the third, and half a gallon during the final high carb phase. Because the diet is extreme in nature, it should only be followed for two weeks before resorting to a normal fat loss diet.


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