Waggit: A ‘FitBit’ For Dogs To Check Their Heart Rate & Fitness Levels


You’ll be able to keep an eye on your dog’s resting vitals, sleep, as well as general heath & fitness levels. 

We’ve seen some pretty batsh*t crazy trends in the fitness industry this year; people performing yoga with goats, and some even working out naked.

However, this ‘Waggit’ invention for dogs has got to be up there with the strangest.

What is Waggit?

Waggit is basically a ‘fitbit’ for your dog, in the form of a collar. You simply put this on your dog’s neck, and it begins to track their:

  • Activity levels
  • General health
  • Fitness levels
  • Qualiy of sleep
  • Location

In all fairness, the tracking feature on the collar is a great idea, and could end-up being the main factor that increases sales.

However, we’ve never considered how ‘fit’ a normal dog is. But we can imagine it coming up in conversation in the future…

“Hey Jeff, how’s your dog’s fitness journey getting on?” 

“Well, he’s getting a bit lazy and had a few cheat biscuits, but he’s making some progress, Jim.” 


Is it really strange?

The first reaction to this Waggit collar has got to be shock, every time. However, it might not be as strange to those that really treat their dog as a family member.

The Waggit collar is able to detect any abnormalities in the health of your dog, and can even send you alerts when there are potential health dangers.

Also, as we’ve already mentioned, the location tracker on the Waggit collar is actually a great idea, in case your dog manages to break loose and get lost.

It’s expensive

Right, so we’ve made some points to support the Waggit collar, as we like to tell both sides of the story.

However, while this collar can track the GPS location of your dog at all times and its general health, it’ll set you back a massive $279.

Honestly, we don’t know if we’d feel comfortable buying a dog collar for that price; if all you’re wanting is a trackable collar, we’ve found products that are a fraction of the $279 Waggit.

Waggit-A-'FitBit'-For-Dogs-To-Check-Their-Heart-Rate-&-Fitness-Levels-2*Photo credit: waggit.dog


Before we saw the price of Waggit, we were starting to warm to the idea of it; being able to track your dog via GPS and keep an eye on any potential danger signs to prolong the life of your dog isn’t bad ideas.

However, the HUGE $279 retail price definitely makes it an expensive product; you can buy trackable dog collars for less than a quarter of the Waggit, and it’s probably better to take your pets to regular vet check-ups.

For this reason, our conclusion that the Waggit is aimed at the batsh*t crazy dog owners. You know, the type that frames pictures of their dog in their house and buys them custom made dog birthday cakes etc.

However, as there’s no shortage of these kinds of people, expect to see the Waggit collar in your local parks.

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