Living the Dream – UK Gym Owner Plumbs House with Whey Protein

Gym owner has house plumbed with whey protein

Imagine being able to turn on the tap in your kitchen and pour a glass of protein. Bro, that’s what we call living the dream! For a gym owner from Gloucester in the UK, it’s now his everyday reality.

It makes perfect sense too, right? Because as dedicated gym goers we know how important protein is in our diet. Our muscles need it after a hard training session to rebuild and recover. Hell, without our daily dose of aminos, none of us would be half as swole as we are right now.

So when 35-year-old Keith saw the opportunity to literally get his whey on tap he jumped at the chance. Now he’s the first person in the world to have whey protein pumped directly out of his kitchen sink. For every glass of ‘water’ Keith fills up, he gets a whopping 30g serving of vital muscle-building protein.

Okay, we’ll not pretend SMB isn’t jealous right now.

It all happened when a month ago Oxcloth, a premium fitness fashion brand from the UK, put out applications to have the system installed. Luckily for Keith, he was the winning workout fanatic, and three weeks later there was chocolate whey flowing from his taps like some kind of gym-bro fantasy.

Okay, tell us how it works!

We know you’re excited, bro! So we’ll tell you exactly how it works.

Basically, whey protein powder is scooped into a filtration system fitted underneath the tap. Then, once Keith turns on the water, the system kickstarts into action and mixes up a glass of sweet liquid gains.

Keith is also directly responsible for what powder gets thrown in there. So if he’s feeling like switching up flavors, all he has to do is grab his favorite tub and make the change.

Plus, the compartment is super easy to clean, leaving Keith more time to work out. All in all, installing and un-installing the filtration system takes a grand total of 30 minutes.

Where do we sign up, bro?!

You better sit down dude. Cos this is gonna break your heart, it did ours.

People can still apply to get the system fitted at their house. But, unfortunately, the service is only available to UK homeowners. Us guys stateside are either going to have to find an American who can do the job, move house, or do it ourselves.

On the off-chance, you’re one of our British Bro’s you’ll want to be all-in, right? Just click here to find out how Oxcloth could transform your life forever. In less than a month you could be living like the most stacked king this planet has ever seen.


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