See Schwarzeneggers Thoughts On Rich Piana and Steroid Abuse


Arnold Schwarzenegger recently opened up in a new interview about his thoughts on the current state of drugs in bodybuilding and the untimely death of Rich Piana.

The 7 time Mr Olympia gave sincere and open answers to questions about steroid abuse and Calum Von Moger’s role as him in the upcoming biopic bigger.

With a slate of new movies, including a reboot of the iconic Terminator franchise with director James Cameron scheduled for a 2019 release, Schwarzenegger is going to be on our screens and in the limelight for some time yet.

Arnold backs drug testing for every bodybuilding competition

It’s no secret that in his prime, The Austrian Oak used steroids. Most athletes around that time have come clean and wouldn’t rush to hide it. When asked about the death of Rich Piana, Arnold said he knows when a member of the bodybuilding community dies, but generally doesn’t know the exact cause of death. He went on;

“You can say it’s because of the drug usage or being out of control with what they use, or not doing research and using things they don’t know; I cannot tell you what is true and what is not.

“I think that when anyone [doing a sport] dies, it’s always sad, because this is not their intention and I just hope that we figure out ways of how to guide people through an dangerous, uneducated phase in life where they make these mistakes.

He finished with a strong statement: “We have to make sure this is bodybuilding and not body destroying.”


Arnold, who we mentioned had previously used steroids, then moves to talk about being an advocate for testing in every competition.

Understanding that this isn’t in the interests of the people and companies selling the drugs, Arnold says; “But that should not discourage us from testing athletes. If we do, we will get better results and they will be healthier.”

The problem though, as he goes on to highlight. Isn’t really with the bigger athletes, as much as the people who won’t be getting tested. And day to day rely on a mix of illegal substances and bad information.

The Austrian Oak believes current steroid usage in bodybuilding is ‘outrageous’

When asked to compare the dose of drugs he used to take compared with modern athletes, he says;

“You cannot compare what we took in the Seventies with what they’re taking now. We were taking 15mg then and they take 1000mg of the same thing now. It’s really outrageous. It’s just huge amounts of dosages. It’s only because of a lack of education that they don’t know that it will kill them. What they need to do is rely more on the work. One of my six principles of success is work your ass off. There is no shortcut. If you think there is, you’re wrong. Everything I’ve ever accomplished in my life was because I worked my butt off, not because I found some shortcut.”

The divide between golden era physiques and the athletes that grace the Olympia stage today has changed massively.

Without dissecting his words completely, it’s fair to assume that Arnold believes athletes are putting their health at risk to place in competitions. Not only with the huge doses, but also because they’re not willing to put in the work that he was.

Do you think Arnold is right to criticize modern bodybuilding in this way? Comment below.

You can read the full interview with Men’s Health here.


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  1. Yes he is right cause everyone is always looking for the shortest way to ge what they want . And that the reason why good supplements are being taking off the market because no one know what to much is. I bust my but every single day think it is the right way but it not always the right way for everyone. But my body seems to be falling me because of think more would get better resolts. Sometime it can be but remember not for everyone.

  2. Yes he is right. These new athletes are using between 1 to even almost 3 grams of testosterone per week and God knows how much tren, dbols, anadrol or other drugs they are using besides gh and insulin. They are destroying the very essence of the sport called bodybuilding and making it look like ( as Arnold said)body’s called abuse of drugs and not enough hours in the gym building the body foundation, plain and simple!

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