Ronnie Coleman Is Back in the Gym

8x Mr. OIympia Winner Ronnie Coleman

Not long back SpotMeBro reported that the former 8x Mr. Olympia and legendary bodybuilder Ronnie Coleman may never walk again. Yet, here he is, back in the gym on Christmas Day! Check it out!

Earlier this year Ronnie ‘The King’ Coleman announced the worst. He told his army of fans, who total over three million on Instagram, that he may never walk unassisted again. The cause was a string of 10 back surgeries, the last of which was struck by complications.

According to the then 53-year old, the quality of work his surgeon performed wasn’t the best. He even went as far as to say that, “I think if that surgeon had to perform these surgeries right then I would have been walking a long long time ago!” What makes the pain even worse was that his last three surgeries alone cost a jaw-dropping $2 million!

Back in action just months after surgery

But here he is, back in the gym just months later. What makes it even more badass is that Coleman is crushing a workout on Christmas day! All the presents and turkey in the world ain’t gonna stop this former Mr. Olympia from getting it done! As he says, “ain’t nothin’ but a lonely Christmas day.”

Okay, he’s not crushing those 800 lb squats like he used to. That doesn’t mean ‘The King’ isn’t determined to stay in shape though. “Ain’t nothin’ to it, but to do it,” he tells his fans.

Apparently, the legend is under doctors’ orders to not lift any actual weights until he’s 100% healed. That means it’s strictly cardio sessions in the Coleman complex, even on Christmas day.

You can see from his Instagram video that the former Mr. Olympia is loving being back in his arena though. You’ll also hear him tell you it’s, “lightweight baby”, and, “nuttin’ but a peanut”, in trademark Ronnie Coleman fashion.


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