News: Triple H’s Strength Trainer Shares Shoulder Pain Solution for Boosting Your Benchpress

strength trainer Joe DeFranco and professional wrestler Triple H

For many bros, shoulder injuries are as common as protein shakes, stringer vests, and fighting over your favorite bench. So, when your name is Triple H and your job is destroying giants in a ring, your delts are gonna take a hit or two.

In the run-up to his match with The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 28, HHH was plagued with shoulder problems. With the help of DeFranco’s genius mind, the wrestler was ultimately able to overcome his injuries and even stack on new muscle.

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Increase Tension & Reduce Pain While Bench-Pressing!! [🔊Sound On.] . Do your shoulders “click” or hurt when benching? . Wanna increase muscular tension & reduce pain? . TRY THIS: 💥”Double up” a mini band & wrap it around your wrists when benching! . THIS SNEAKY TRICK WILL… 🤜🏼 Increase tension in your upper back (which increases shoulder stability) 🤜🏼 Forces you to squeeze the 💩 out of the bar (creating “irradiation” throughout your upper body: forearms, biceps, triceps, shoulders, lats & pecs) 🤜🏼 Reduces shoulder pain & “clicking” (due to the increased stability that’s created) ••••• Give it a shot! (You don’t have anything to lose). . 🎟 TAG A FRIEND who might benefit from this info! ➖➖➖➖➖ #benchpress #internationalbenchpressday #painfreetraining #strength #workoutmotivation #benchpresstips #mondaymotivation #defrancosgym #defrancoinsider #joedefranco

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As a nine-time WWE champion, Triple H has had his fair share of wars in the ring. Years of intense competition battling the best wrestlers in the world has truly battered his body.

Yet, just by adding in simple accessory exercises to support the development of his smaller stabilizing muscles, he was able to fix parts in his powerful physique.

Fixing the holes in HHH’s powerful physique

Although not groundbreaking, the moves given by DeFranco helped to fill the tiny holes holding Triple H back. All he needed was a little expert insight and some resistance bands. The latter can be found in almost every gym on the planet.

Joe DeFranco isn’t keeping his bench press click and pain management techniques a secret. No way. He’s posted them up on Insta to help all of us shoulder suffering bros. If you’re not hitting ‘follow’ right now what the hell are you doing, bro?

By wrapping a mini band around his wrists, the strength coach increases shoulder stability by raising tension in the upper back. Plus, by squeezing the sh*t out of the bar DeFranco creates “irradiation” across the entire upper body. This takes its tension to another level, resulting in less shoulder pain and clicking.

If it’s good enough for a beast like HHH it’s good enough for us, bro. We’ll be trying this technique Monday when we’re nailing bench for sure. Will you? Let us know in the comments.


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