Jon Skywalker Suffers From Bicep Tear


Fitness model and comedian Jon Skywalker has suffered from a nasty looking bicep tear, which could leave him out of the gym for some time.

The American fitness star has soared to fame across his social media pages over the last few years. But it appears that his days in the gym are over… at least for now anyways!

Why? Because he recently suffered from a bicep tear which was sustained during a lifting session.

Who Is Jon Skywalker?

Jon Skywalker is a famous Instagram star who is well known for his body transformation. He went from a scrawny 130 lbs kid to build a muscular, shredded physique.

Now, he weighs in at over 200 lbs.

He’s stacked and looks pretty good. But with his muscle gains, he seems to be have gained a serious ego complex too – let’s be honest, not many people can get away with the whole Zyzz character.

In fairness though, Jon has attracted masses of fans, regularly updating them with his progress by posting videos of his workouts on social media.

Image Credit: Greatest Physiques

Serious Injury

Jon recently shared a video online showcasing the serious injury he sustained while lifting weights. Looks painful, brah!

Jon had this to say on his personal Instagram page:

“Getting it scanned on Monday wish me luck brahs hopefully it’s some sort of blessing in disguise cus usually bad shit always is! Tryna be positive as possible but it’s been really hard to wack it and I can hardly wipe my ass after I shit, but for real keep me in them prayers bros”.

The extent of the damage can be seen below:


Image Credit: @jonskywalker


We wish Jon a speedy recovery and hope that he can return to the gym soon!

If you want to read more about Jon Skywalker, then the folks over at Greatest Physiques have written a full profile on him which you can view here.

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